NYE Event Security Wristbands

Who’s organising an event for New Year’s Eve?


NYE is almost here and, as it’s one of the biggest nights of the year for event organisers, we’re offering some last minute advise on how wristbands can be used to help your security this holiday season.

With alcohol flowing, partygoers dancing and music blaring, taking note of who’s coming and going at an event can be difficult from a security measure point of view. Control management wristbands are a great help for security staff. They are also a great help for medical staff too.

Entry and access control wristbands are often Tyvek or Vinyl as they are used for one-night events, easy to read and cheap to purchase. For events which feature a free drink giveaway offer, our customers often chose our tabbed vinyl wristbands as it allows bartenders and event organisers to keep an eye on the amount of alcohol being served.


Wristband Handouts:

Allocating a wristband to individuals as they enter the event can save party and event crashers. Tyvek and vinyl wristbands in particular are easy to apply and can be handed out either at the door or before the event begins. Tips: if you’re worried about counterfeits, we can print a barcode on vinyl wristbands and a foil thumbprint on Tyvek.


Quick Turnarounds:

As we know NYE is only a couple of weeks from now, we recommend purchasing black print for your Tyvek and vinyl wristbands. This is mainly due to quickness on our part and it’s cheaper for you! Tyvek and vinyl bands, depending on quantity, are most often than not dispatched on the same day as purchased. Not to mention, fastening these bands on event goers is quick and easy.


Contact Us:

With Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, contact our team for colour printed wristbands here. For black print bands, design and order online here to cut out the middleman. If you have a specific turnaround time for NYE and your order is more than 2000 wristbands, please contact the team before ordering to make sure your deadline is available.