Novelty Wristbands

With Christmas ad’s taking over the media this week (#SaveKevin (Aldi) & #EveryonesWelcome (Tesco)) we’ve been looking into Christmas wristband ideas for the holiday season.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the lame jokes and dodgy cracker gifts. Do those palm fish things actually work? Anyway, if you can’t beat silliness this holiday season, you know what they say? Join it.

A lot of wristbands are generic come Christmas with designs of Father Christmas, candy canes, reindeers and holly. Nothing wrong with them; they work wonders. But aren’t they aimed at children more than adults?

Adult Christmas wristbands tend to be formal rather than silly, and while appropriate for the likes of Christmas work parties and festive promotions at work, sometimes it’s nice to have a change; a lighter, sillier wristband that begins as a conversational point.

The designs we print on all our wristbands are specific to you, your business or your event. From simple one-time-use Tyvek wristbands to reusable silicone wristbands. We can print full colour, or keep your costs down with simple black print. The design elements of all our wristbands are quick, easy and for those of you who don’t know where to begin with your design, it can be completed by us in office.

So why not ditch the traditional Merry Christmas & Happy New Year wristbands for something cheekier this holiday season?

Whether you want to try custom Tyvek, custom silicone or custom fabric wristbands, all can have multiple designs on them to fit in with your Christmas mixers, parties and events. For prices, contact our office and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Need help? Larger quantities work out cheaper and if ordered through the office, prices may work out lower than online.

While Christmas seems a way off yet, early orders beat the winter rush, possible bad weather and arrive in plenty of time for wintry events. Check your deadline date with the sales representative if ordering silicone and fabric wristbands as these custom bands can take up to 3 weeks to produce depending on quantity.