New! Glow in the Dark Lanyards

Lanyards are used everyday for a hundred different purposes; from indicating a nurse in our hospitals to identifying students in higher education.


We have the exciting news of introducing Glow in the Dark Lanyards to our customisation options in our lanyard range.


The Many Purposes of Glow in the Dark Lanyards:



Provide security staff and ushers in quiet settings such as theatres and cinemas with glow in the dark lanyards to allow the seen but not heard rule to remain intact without audience members searching for a needle in a haystack and missing half the performance.

Keep backstage staff visible to the production team to avoid collisions behind stage, or custom your glow in the dark lanyards to AAA visitors so they have a unique souvenir as well as a onetime tour.



The purpose of glow in the dark lanyards depends on the area of business you’re in. For arenas and nightclubs, these new custom lanyards are excellent additions to security and bar staff. You can tailor your lanyard to your event, from music concerts to small festival inspired nights.



Come later this year, we will begin to see and hear about charity night walks and while glow in the dark wristbands can still be worn by participants, lanyards are great for identifying organisers and medical staff.


Education Institutes

From school discos to trips out, Primary and Secondary Schools can highlight organisers, teachers and supervisors using these lanyards. For Colleges and Universities, the purpose of these lanyards is vast, with fresher’s week entertaining a huge range of activities, to student bar events, where the night allows the perfect setting for these glowing accessories.



We’ve all been to a concert where they sell whistles and glow sticks. Merchandise for nightclubs, matches, concerts, and festivals are a huge attraction for venues. Not only them, but consumers love an object which showcases their experience and provides a fond memory for them. Glow in the Dark lanyards are great for dark venues such as concerts and nightclubs. You could use these unique accessories to showcase VIP access or AAA visitors and complete the look with pass holders with unique to you passes.



With the end of the year comes dark nights and warm lights on Bonfire Night and Halloween. Protect visitors, partygoers and consumers with security and medical staff wearing glow in the dark lanyards. For scare fests, make sure your staff are visible in the middle of the frightening action so those who need assistance are reached quickly and safely.


Order Details:

Glow in the Dark Lanyards have a minimum order of 50 lanyards and have a 2-3-week turnaround time after payment and artwork approval. For prices and design information, please contact the team here.