New! Glitter Silicone Bands

It’s always an exciting time coming up to winter when the nights get darker and there’s an excuse to binge in front of the telly under the pretence of ‘keeping warm’. Soon the Christmas adverts will be on and school children will be getting ready for their winter concerts and discos.


Don’t panic, we’re not wishing the year away just yet, but we have had a few Christmas wristband orders already (starting from July in fact!). They did get us thinking though.

  • What products would be needed over the winter period?
  • What design tips would benefit our customers the most?
  • What month should we start focusing on Christmas bands?

The list goes on.

For a start, we had to research events and what products were popular during the cold months. (Glow in the dark silicone is particularly demanding during the Halloween season and lurex fabric is a sure favourite for New Year’s events), but we also had to look into the purpose of the band and the age of the wearer.


Last year we had glow in the dark silicone orders for School Christmas lunches and neon Tyvek entry bands for Winter Wonderland. This year we had a look into something new and came up with Glitter Silicone bands.


Glitter silicone bands come in four types:

*         A glitter band with plain print *         A glitter band with glitter ink fill
*         A glitter band with plain ink fill *         A plain band with glitter ink fill


Uses for Glitter Silicone Bands:

*         Birthday Bands *         New Year’s Eve Party Bands
*         Bridal Bands *         School Christmas Concert Bands
*         Christmas Party Bands *         School Christmas Dinner Bands
*         Fundraiser Bands *         School Christmas Disco Bands
*         Graduation Bands *         School Leaver Bands
*         High School Prom Bands *         Wedding Bands


And many more…


Contact the office to find out more about our Glitter Silicone Bands, colour availability, sizes and prices.