New Arrival Wristbands

The Duchess of Sussex is due this Spring and, since we haven’t shared any baby wristband ideas with you yet, we thought we’d better pull our finger out.

So, let’s get started.


First, what exact part of the pregnancy are you celebrating?

Don’t you dare say, all of it.

See, there’s more to baby celebration wristbands than you thought. Isn’t there?


What are your wristbands for?

The purpose of your wristband has a huge impact on the design and materials you decide to go ahead with.


A keepsake wristband for example:
  • Would need to be something that can be removed as and when the wearer needed.
  • Last throughout a lengthy period in all conditions (incl. showering).

Silicone and fabric wristbands can therefore be keepsake wristbands as they can be worn in water for several hours without affect.


Single Day Wristbands:

Baby showers and reveal parties on the other hand are single day events which can feature silicone, fabric, vinyl or tyvek wristbands. The choice of wristband really depends on what they are being used for. If you’re thinking of having wristbands to reveal the sex of the baby or to be used for participants to guess what sex the baby is going to be, then disposable tyvek wristbands are a good fit.


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