Mental Health Awareness Wristbands

There’s been a lot of focus on mental health in recent years. Today is the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week.


It’s important to talk to people, no matter what emotion you’re feeling. I know, it’s easier said than done. Truth is, honesty really is the best policy when it comes to mental health. Anyone looking at our twitter profile will know we retweet and like a lot of ‘raise awareness’ causes and fundraisers. We’re strong believers in communication.


Why is a wristband company so bothered about mental health?

Everyone has mental health. Everyone has emotions and everyone has those days when they just really can’t be bothered. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject but, it is.


‘Why is a wristband company so bothered about mental health?’

‘Because it’s important and wristbands can help highlight it.’


Raise Awareness Wristbands & Charity Wristbands

All custom printed wristbands are designed either by our customers or to their spec by our designers. Every customised wristband is therefore unique to our clients and their causes. Raising awareness doesn’t have to be in the form of protesting or inspirational speeches. While these are brilliant and effective, some experiencing a mental illness may not be comfortable with them. Wristbands are product that allows the conversation to start in a non-intrusive way.


Getting the conversation started

Visit our silicone or fabric wristband web-pages to start designing your wristband or contact our sales office on the phone, on email, through web-chat or webform. We’re here to help.



*Silicone or fabric wristbands have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks after payment and artwork have been completed and approved. Turnaround times may vary either side of the 2/3 week period depending on quantity. Our sales team will contact if such is the case.