Medical Wristbands

Did you know Monday is National Sickie Day? That’s right, if you’re planning on throwing one, we know why.


National Sickie Day actually originates from it being the Monday after the Superbowl Sunday. I wonder how many people actually throw a sickie in the UK?

Come to think of it, isn’t the first Monday of February the first working day after January payday? Must be a good weekend…


Anyway, Sickie Day had me thinking of medical wristbands. (I know – not exactly what the day is about, but hey-ho). Emergency or sickness wristbands are big business for us here at PAC. Schools often order nurse wristbands, such as ‘I bumped my head today’ or ‘I have an allergy…’ These medical wristbands range from paper (tyvek) to rubber (silicone). Personal medical wristbands are also a popular design, with descriptions such as ‘I carry a medical kit…’ or ‘In case of an emergency…’ See below for more information.


School Wristbands


Sick notes have come a long way since I was at school. We used to get a slip of paper that went in the bag and only came out if it fell out by accident. Most times, we forget our accidents soon after they happen. The phrase, ‘children soon bounce back’ is definitely correct.

What’s also correct practice is informing parents of their child’s accident. Enter an accident wristband.

Accident wristbands are often tyvek material (paper) with a generic print such as the example on the above left or they have the printed school logo, and a nurse’s handwritten note. Tyvek wristbands are used because they are secure, disposable wristbands that are comfortable on the wrist, come in an assortment of colours, and are one length to fit all. The wristbands are secured with a self-adhesive stick, which can last for more than 48 hours. Children cannot remove the wristbands unless they use scissors, so the wristbands will remain on until the end of the day, informing parents in a non-intrusive manner the nature of their child’s day and possible incident.



Accident, Allergy, or Medical Wristbands

Schools aren’t the only ones to use medical wristbands. Any business dealing with the general public will require safety logs, such as accident records, medical needs and allergy requirements. Visitor wristbands are extremely helpful in highlighting these needs. Often wristbands are devised into categories, such as different prints, or different colours are used to symbolise certain conditions or requirements. Staff are therefore informed of personal needs without intrusive questioning. Use tyvek wristbands for secure, single-use event medical wristbands and silicone for keepsake, constant use medical wristbands.


Ordering Accident, Allergy or Medical Wristbands


You can create your own wristbands using our online designer tool or you can contact the office below for a free digital design and quote.