Marriage Day Wristbands

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it isn’t too much of a surprise to hear it’s National Marriage Day on Sunday. Love truly is in the air this February.


Wedding Wristbands have increased in popularity over the last few years, with festival wristbands being a favourite among couples. Who can blame them? Festivals remind us of summer weather, loud music and good times. Weddings are much the same; the coming together of friends and family.


Wedding Wristbands

The use of wristbands at weddings may have started as a trend to keep the festival vibes going, but nowadays, wristbands can be used for all wedding types.

Bands are now used for:

  • Save the Date gifts
  • Stag and hen weekends
  • Wedding favours
  • Wedding invitations

Marriage involves more than a wedding ceremony. There are many events within a marriage worth celebrating, from the obvious couple events like anniversaries, to the single big birthday events, celebrated with friends and family. Most – if not all – wedding & personal events select fabric wristbands for their guests. Fabric wristbands come with a sliding bead finish, which allows the guests to remove the wristband as and when they’d like during the evening and store it for a keepsake without damaging the design. Examples of fabric wristbands can be found below.


Fabric Wristbands

There are two types of production methods available for fabric wristbands. Production method is dependent on material and design.

Method 1. Woven Designs
  • Used mostly for festival wristbands.
  • Material is polyester yarn.
  • Each yarn is a solid colour therefore gradients are not possible using this method.
  • Fine detail may not be legible due to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Woven designs can include up to 8 colours (incl. the band colour itself).
  • Lurex (glitter) and UV yarns are available through the office


Method 2. Dye-Sublimated Designs
  • This is a premium product.
  • Material is either a thick satin or a smooth ribbon
  • Designs are printed directly onto the fabric via heat transfer therefore gradients and fine detail can be included in your design
  • Full Colour print (no limit)
  • Not available online
  • More information on this process can be found: Here


All fabric wristbands come with the closures threaded on. Closures include: sliding bead, aluminium closure, or plastic clip.


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