Marketing with Wristbands

It’s an obvious fact that product marketing has been around for years, so why are we so blasé and overlook how vital marketing is and how much effort people put into it? We know what you’re going to say. ‘How hard can it be?’ But what we here at Pac know is that marketing your event, venue, business and charity can be hard, stressful and sometimes, wasteful.


Product marketing has been around for years; just think of the flyers that were handed out during wartimes or the free bumper stickers handed out at election campaigns. The combination of the written word, the image and the product itself (whether it be paper or pin) has a huge influence over the receiver. It grabs attention and propels action.


Technology has changed marketing. Modern marketing is less product based and more tech with promotional emails, social media posts and YouTube videos. While these marketing examples are fine for businesses and the techies of the world, for the mass majority and smaller causes such as charities and fundraising events… Let’s put it this way, you can’t keep a YouTube video forever more. Who knows what technology the future is going to produce?


Besides, people like a free product over another promotional email in their inbox. That’s not to say digital marketing isn’t great; the main point to marketing is knowing your target audience. Sports brands can sell millions of plain t-shirts with a tiny logo every day because some of their consumers don’t like obtrusive designs and want simple, plain t-shirts and are willing to pay brand price. The truth of the matter is, that audience could buy a plain t-shirt anywhere. It’s consumerism at its best.


That’s to say, get your event, venue, and charity out there. Raise awareness. The more people who know about it, the more interest you have and the more likely your event will become a ‘trend’. Wristbands are great for raising awareness because they are a wearable product that is neither flamboyant, uncomfortable or damageable by water. Though it depends on your audience, wristbands can also be used as marketing products for near enough all events, venues, charities and fundraisers. So, let’s find out how wristbands can benefit your marketing campaign.


Who’s your target audience?

Whether you’re organising a school play or a national orchestra concert, you need to know who you target audience is and showcase your event to them. So, if you have a school play coming up, marketing products can be either for the children or their parents. In terms of wristbands, you aim it at children and adults, with silicone bands in both youth and adult sizes, add the school name, the name of the play, year and date…etc, add a funny picture for the kids and you’re sorted. The aim of the game in this case is to entice the children with your design while keeping it a simple keepsake wristband for the parents. Handing out products that won’t deteriorate after long periods of time and can endure the wear and tear of active children in this case would be essential.


Why Wristbands?

Unlike flyers and stickers which soak in water or lose their stickiness after a few hours, wristbands can last from several days to weeks; even years for silicone and fabric bands. The tough durability and comfort is a perfect balance for a piece of clothing and essentially, that is what a wristband is. It is a clothing accessory which means your marketing tool is environmentally friendly as it is less likely to get dropped on the floor within thirty paces of you handing it out to someone, creating mass amounts of litter.


What’s your purpose?

The aim of your wristband is a significant factor in marketing. Let’s face it, you’re not giving out wristbands or offering wristbands as merchandise for no reason. Your wristbands are conveying a message.



Getting your name out there and creating a trend. As mentioned before, consumerism is at its best. The more you push your event, venue, charity and fundraiser, the more people will be interested. It only takes one person to start a trend. Think of the modern social media approach, one hashtag and suddenly it’s gone viral. In order for brand wristbands to be successful, you need to be confident of your target audience. Cater to them with your products. Wristbands can feature a variety of fonts and graphics, so tailor your bands to match your event theme or venue style.



Traditional charity and fundraiser wristbands have been predominantly silicone over the years and it is easy to understand why. Silicone wristbands are durable and have a variety of printing options which can attract attention or compliment the style and theme of the cause of your charity. For example, pink is the colour representative for breast cancer and light blue is the representative colour for prostate cancer, etc. Having a consistent colour scheme allows your supporters to immediately recognise your cause and makes it easier for others to notice your cause. Wristbands can be worn everyday and are visible during everyday acts, from holding on to the poles on the train on the way to work, to picking up your coffee at the local café, or shaking someone’s hand when in meetings. Your cause is exposed to a great number of people over the course of one day and that is just by one individual alone. If you sent out an email, that could be in someone’s junk box after five minutes of reading it. A wristband allows maximum exposure on your cause.



While product marketing can be merchandise, people love a freebie. Especially useful at events and venues, promotional freebies are a tool of remembrance. If people receive a free wristband when entering an event, it brings a sense of belonging as everyone is sharing that experience and will walk away with a keepsake of their night, thus providing that individual with a topic of conversation to discuss with their friends, family, and colleagues. As a result, your event is marketing itself through good old fashion word of mouth. For fundraising charity events, do the same, but provide the wristband in the partaker’s goodie bag at the end of the event, letting them leave with your charity and event on their minds and their achievement at having taken part propelling them to talk about your charity and event to friends, family and colleagues, again raising awareness for your charity and cause.



What’s your wristband?


Litter Free Tyvek
  • Standard length fits all
  • Available in two width sizes ¾” or 1”
  • 10 colours available in ¾”
  • 12 colours available in 1”
  • Tab-less (environment friendly)
  • Recyclable
  • Light weight
  • Stretch, tear and water resistant




  • Various clip options
  • Woven or dye-sub
  • Durable / long lasting
  • Comfortable