Marketing with Wristbands: Christmas Edition

People always say it’s the little things that matter. Or another favourite is ‘Christmas is the time for giving.’


So, if that’s the case, what are the little things? And what are you going to give away this Christmas?


People who work in marketing must hate that question. I can just imagine them sitting in their morning meeting trying to brainstorm ideas for the holiday season and quite frankly, stressed at even the thought of coming up with something, let alone pitch an idea aloud. The truth is, Santa hats, teddy bears and pens are standard in promotional packs. Some might argue so are wristbands. The difference is, wristbands can be used for all sorts of things.


Some of our customers use custom wide silicone wristbands to accessorise their camera lens. Some use our Tyvek wristbands for cloakroom tokens, and some use our fabric wristbands for ticket replacement services. Whether wristbands are an accessory, a marketing tool or a security measure, it’s the fact that they can be used for those different things that makes them a worthwhile gift in your promotional packs. Wristbands are not teddies that get thrown on the bed, adored one minute and abandoned the next; they are a bespoke product designed to your spec.


While other teams are groaning at how tired they are of using the same old marketing products, you can use Christmas wristbands to your advantage; you already have the theme, all you have to do is come up with a concept and a snazzy sales pitch.


Marketing is all about getting the right time, place and people. For example, using wristbands at your Christmas work-do might not seem like marketing your company or event, but actually, people are talking, drinking and mixing with others – especially at a large venue with several parties going on – that having your colleagues or guests wearing branded wristbands circulates your details easily and without major cost.


Schools can market through children’s silicone wristbands that link in to their school play, concert or recital. Using the date and the year also allows the bands to be a keepsake for pupil’s achievements. Children are an excellent target audience for wristband marketing as many like to swap wristbands they think are ‘cool’ with their friends. In fact, add glow in the dark effect to your bands and (I know from experience) the children won’t care what’s on it; they’ll wear it because it glows.


Sometimes it really is the simple things that make the biggest impact. It’s like buying a huge present for a child and they play with the box instead. Keeping your marketing strategy simple with printed silicone, tabbed vinyl, or even printed Tyvek wristbands could mean your name, business, institute or event will be around for years depending on how your wristbands are used.