LGBTQ+ Rainbow Wristbands

Morning readers!

So, we’ve had a lot of rainbow wristband requests lately (what with it being Pride Month) which got me thinking that a pride post was in order.


Pride / LGBTQ+ Wristbands

We’re all about celebrating individuality and let’s face it, wristbands are exactly that; they’re unique to you and your event. We’re all different, but that’s not a negative. (Just listen to Swift’s song, ‘Me’.) Now, typically it’s rainbow wristbands which take the lead this time of year, but we want to give a quick shout out to other members of the LGBTQ+ community who have ordered specific wristbands from us. Most recently we produced Bisexual, inter-sexual, and transgender wristbands which were a great success for our customer. (We should also mention that the designs for each were beautiful).


Getting the right wristbands for you & your event

Not all wristband types are going to work for everyone. While we can all wear a wristband, the purpose behind it is different for each person. For example, a pride event may need entry wristbands only. Tyvek or vinyl will be ordered and sometimes rainbow colours aren’t needed. While a raise awareness event may need giveaway keepsake wristbands such as, silicone or fabric wristbands. Check out the list of wristbands that can be printed in full colour, specifically for your event.


Full Colour Tyvek Wristbands

Otherwise known as the perfect entry wristband, Tyvek wristbands are the most popular wristband product we sell. The wristbands are of single-use, secured by a self-adhesive tab and can be printed in full colour. Want a rainbow entry wristband with white print, no problem. Select our Full Colour Option online and get creating your wristband now.


Full Colour Vinyl Wristbands:

A new product introduced last year, full colour print on vinyl wristbands can now be ordered through the office. Available in all vinyl ranges (straight, wide-face, holographic and tabbed). With our new printing method, you can now have a full colour rainbow flag on vinyl. Make sure you check the turnaround time on these though as they are extremely popular. Call the office for a price.


Rainbow / Segmented Silicone Wristbands

The reliable rainbow silicone wristband. Yes, we love them. Available in plain or have them customised, rainbow silicone wristbands have been around for years and are a favourite with children. Whether these bands are used for pride events or simply for colourful children’s wristbands is up to the consumer; either way we think they look great from every angle. Rainbow silicone wristbands are segmented along the band vertically as blocks of colour as opposed to horizontal lines. For horizontal segments, please contact the office here.


Rainbow Fabric Wristbands

Plain rainbow fabric wristbands are now in stock. Need a quick solution to a pride event, grab the plain fabric band with either a silver/gold bead or metal closure. Remember woven fabric wristbands have an 8 colour limit, therefore any text or graphic going over the top of your rainbow background will need to be in one colour. Or you could get really creative and design a dye-sublimated fabric satin wristband which doesn’t have a colour limit. Include gradients and bursts of watercolours for the dye-sub wristband for extra effect. Prices for dye-sub wristbands are available through the office. Contact us here.


Pride Events 2019

Celebrating individuality this June, have a wonderful time at your chosen pride event.