LBW: The City’s Beer Festival is back!

Drink up beer lovers.

London Beer Week which celebrates all things beer, lager, ale and cider is back this March.

While some don’t need an excuse for a pint, London Beer Week is giving one this spring with the return of the city festival. The seven-day event sees 100 bars across the city creating bespoke beer tasters showcasing their styles, ingredients and heritage to passholders. With multiple locations, including The Old Truman Brewery in East London, this year’s LBW kicks off on the 12th March and runs through to the 18th March.


Love a city festival and want to host your own festival themed event?

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If you’re planning a national event than Tyvek or RFID fabric wristbands are a suitable choice.

Standard Tyvek entry wristbands are paper-like wristbands with the strength and durability of plastic. Self-adhesive fastening and with the option to go litter-free, these wristbands can be ordered in thousands and still be reasonable in price. A range of colours and the option for full colour print make these wristbands the go-to entry wristband. Brilliant for all age groups, Tyvek wristbands come in two widths and one standard length which fits most wrist sizes.

RFID and QR coded wristbands are ordinary fabric bands with a plastic chipped card threaded through. The RFID chip stores event information and data relating to the wearer, making these wristbands the most secure and beneficial festival event wristband. Due to the uniqueness of the chip, festival goers can make cashless payments on site, reducing queue times and customer ATM charges. For information on QR coded bands, see here.

For personal or smaller events, the most suitable festival wristbands depend on the quantity, budget and deadline.

Tyvek wristbands can be printed in full colour and can work out cheaper than fabric wristbands, but both can be used for smaller emails. For traditional festival themes, such as weddings and birthday parties, fabric wristbands are extremely popular. A whole sub-division of fabric wristbands have come into our range as what started as a few festival inspired wedding wristbands has branched to bespoke fabric ranges, such as bridal and bridesmaid wristbands, and hen and stag wristbands.

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