It’s a Boy / Girl Wristbands

Celebrating your own arrival this summer?

Planning a baby shower for a friend or family member? Or are you in the events organising business, looking for the perfect gift set accessories for baby events? Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular over the last year or so, and while our previous posts on baby showers may have you questioning why we’re writing about something so similar, gender reveal parties are not about ‘showering’ the mother-to-be with gifts; this party is for the family and friends.


Creative gender reveal Ideas:

  • Colour Changing Straws
  • Gender Reveal Cake with pink / blue sponge inside
  • Gender Reveal Cards, Envelopes, & Boxes
  • Gender Reveal Scratch Cards
  • Gender Reveal Wristbands
  • Paint Splatter Party
  • Pink / Blue Confetti
  • Pink / Blue Silly String
  • Pink / Blue Smoke Clouds
  • Pop the balloon


Gender Reveal Games Accessories:

  • Balloons
  • Cards
  • Straws
  • Wristbands


Five Fun Baby Facts:

  1. The most popular birth month in the UK is September. Nine months after Christmas…
  2. The most popular day to give birth is on a Tuesday
  3. One in three babies have a birthmark
  4. Babies are born with more bones than adults
  5. Babies have three times more taste buds than adults (that means babies have 10,000)



Celebrate the arrival of yours, a family member’s or friend’s little one this year with the addition of It’s a Boy / It’s a Girl wristband. Fully customisable, you can choose from our silicone or fabric ranges to welcome the new arrival.


Silicone Wristbands

You can customise a nursery size wristband for the new member of the group, with the option to pantone match colours for both band and design, you can have a keepsake band with name, date and weight to mark the occasion.

Allow other little ones to get involved in the fun and reduce the risk of children feeling left out against the new arrivals attention, by customising a youth band just for them. Also able to pantone match these bands, you can choose a colour and design just for the wearer.


Fabric Wristbands

Another keepsake band, but softer on the skin, fabric wristbands come with a sliding bead closure, which means the bands are not ruined when removed. If you select the dye-sublimated fabric, these satin finish wristbands can feature pictures and gradient designs that can capture the latest member of your family or friendship group.


Start Creating Your Wristband:


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