Independence Day Wristbands

Are you wearing your colours this Independence Day?


I know what you’re thinking. It’s an American holiday, so why are a British wristband company posting about Independence Day? Well, the thing is, here at PAC,  we like to cater to all our customers from around the world, which includes our American friends.

Since this is an American theme though, we have had to do some research on different design options and have come up with a few of our own that may interest you.


First up, Keepsake Silicone Wristbands.

From our research, we noticed our customers like to order silicone wristbands for Independence Day. Many wristbands have a date debossed and colour filled into the band for keepsake. Therefore, we’ve come up with some silicone design ideas for the great keepsake wristband. Check out our thoughts below.


Colour, Colour, Colour

Why not go full out this July with segmented* silicone wristbands? From split blues, reds and whites, to marbling* the lot, your wristbands can be bright and colourful just like the firework displays.


Debossed Flags

If you prefer a solid wristband colour, why not design a wristband with the American flag on it. Debossed designs are carved into the band and can then be filled in with coloured ink.


Printed Flags

Much like the above, you can have the American flag printed onto your wristbands. Print is applied to run along the wristbands, keeping the wristband smooth when you run your finger across.


Shining Star

How many stars are there on the American flag? Don’t fancy the classic flag wristband design? Opt for printed or  debossed and colour filled stars instead. Have the stars repeated along the wristband in bright yellow on a solid blue band. Switch it up with a segmented* blue and red wristband with your repeated stars covering the length of the wristband.


Big & Bold

A little extra height* on your silicone wristbands goes a long way. Shy away from the standard 12mm height and go for 20mm. (You can even do this for fabric wristbands. Ask a member of our sales team here for 20mm fabric instead of the standard 15mm and receive a quote via email).


Entry Tyvek & Vinyl Wristbands

While silicone keepsake wristbands are the most popular type of wristband purchased for Independence Day, we should mention our tyvek and vinyl wristbands. Independence Day parties are not just private affairs, some communities throw a large 4th July party with parades, funfair rides, etc. Tyvek and vinyl wristbands are used throughout the world as the most popular choice for entry wristbands. For celebrations which require entry wristbands, we would recommend taking a look at our tyvek and vinyl ranges. Online is for black print only, but colour print is available through the office. Contact us via phone on 01379 872718 or email here for a quote.



*Segmented / marbled / extra height silicone designs are not available online. Please contact the office on 01379 872718 or email for a quote.

All custom silicone wristbands take 2-3 weeks to produce after payment has been confirmed and artwork has been approved. Click here for delivery information.

All designs discussed in this post are suggestions only. Custom products are designed by our customers using the online designer tool or to customer spec by our graphics team. Click here for more information and artwork templates.