Incorporating Christmas into your Business…

How Creative Are You?


Right, now Halloween is out of the way and Bonfire Night (that’s tonight – have fun!) it’s time to mention Christmas!

If you’re like me and trying to blend Christmas with a specific product for your business blog, sometimes things can get a little repetitive. Since no one likes a huge dose of repetition, especially when it goes on for at least a month, I decided to throw the task of coming up with new and creative Christmas post ideas out there in the office and asked my colleagues if they would help me out.


The Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge

I came up with the genius (cough: sarcasm) idea of trying to come up with a 12 Days of Christmas Wristband Style Countdown. (12 posts in all and each post would be a line from the song. Only the gifts would be wristband related – obviously). How hard could it be?

It’s impossible, actually. Well, ok, it’s not impossible, but it’s definitely harder than you’d think…


History Lesson

The history behind 12 Days of Christmas is actually quite fascinating when you google it. Did you know that the song was actually a poem published roughly around 1780 and was only set to music much later? There are some theories that the song has strong links to Christianity, though these have been discussed online vigorously over the years.


Activity Time

Do you think we could come up with 12 things that rhymed, had the right number of syllables for each line in the song and be wristband related?

We probably started the task wrong by jumping straight in with confirming the lyrics of the song, changing our true love for Pac Wristbands and trying to conjure up a line of seven syllables that ended with a rhyme. Yeah, we don’t recommend that.

Next, we decided to look up rhymes with the word ‘me’ and go from there. Do you know how many words that rhyme with me are compatible with wristbands? None. Nada. Unless you like the idea of a wristband filled with glee? Yeah, we didn’t either. The advantage… the activity is great for team building and discussing new themed ideas for company products. (There’s also a website we found that provides rhymes of various syllables and phrases that end with your rhyming word.)


The End Results

So, as you can imagine from the above, we didn’t get very far in our challenge. In fact, we didn’t even make it past the first line! If you’re interested to see what we came up with, check out the astounding results below.


On the first day of Christmas, Pac Wristbands gave to me…


A wristband for the family (too many syllables)

A wristband here for free (didn’t actually check offers)

A wristband on a Christmas Tree (you can actually do this one with old festival fabric wristbands)

A wristband on a partridge tree (copyright issues big time!)

A wristband festivity (there are debates on how to pronounce festivity)



Why not try coming up with a 12 Days of Christmas Post for your business blog? Can you get past the first line?