IMD: Men Wear Wristbands Too

Okay, so I’ve noticed there’s a lot of bride wristband promotions and not a lot about groom wristbands / stag party wristbands. We do them. We’ve done quite a few, but not as many as their female counterpart. Why is that?


Since it’s International Men’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d even the playing field and focus on the groom(s). Firstly, there’s no gender discrimination here. Wristbands are a neutral product and are produced to the spec of our customers. (How you wish to design your wristband is up to you.) So, with that said, let’s get on.


Wristband Products

Stags and weddings are memorable occasions, so you’ll want a keepsake wristband. Silicone and fabric are your best choices for keepsake bands as they can be worn for months, and can be removed and replaced as and when the wearer wants.


Silicone Artwork

Online silicone orders are for single colour designs on a single colour band only. If you’re looking to get creative with segmented bands (Westham colours have been popular before) or want marbled (camouflage comes to mind) then you’ll have to contact the office for a price. Talk to one of our sales team about more than one colour print / ink on your wristbands. The team will work out the best price for you.


Fabric Artwork

Online fabric orders are woven only. Meaning your bands are individual yarn colours woven together to create one solid design. You can have up to 8 colour yarns in one design, including the main band colour. Not sure about this, don’t panic. Contact the sales team and they can produce an artwork proof for you. Lurex (glitter) yarn or full colour dye-sub print are available through the office, so ask about this.


Stag Party Wristbands

It’s always interesting to see what goes on at a stag party wristband. Every groom is different. So, while there are the comical stag wristbands offering an emergency number if the wearer appears lost, there are many other design options. Stag wristband designs really do depend on three things:

  1. The Groom
  2. The Destination
  3. The Activities

If you’re going away for your big day and expect to be partying the night away, a wristband with the hotel you’re staying in with a cheeky ‘if lost, return me to…’ wristband can be a laugh, if not useful. (A quick tip: allergy wristbands. You’d be surprised, but who can honestly say you’re coherently thinking of your mates allergies while on holiday? Especially at a bachelor party. Safety first, just saying.)


Wedding Wristbands

A wedding is a joint affair so both individuals need to get involved in the designing of your keepsake wristbands. Make them unique to you. We’ve had a recent wedding order for glow in the dark silicone wristbands, but there are plenty of ideas you can go for. Check out our suggestions below.



Okay, so generally you’d order wristbands to be delivered to your home address, but if you’re short for time, we can delivery to your venue. We can even delivery abroad if you’re having a destination wedding. Just know silicone and fabric have a 2-3 working week production time, so if you are ordering on a quick deadline, let us know as early as possible, so we can make sure your wristbands arrive in plenty of time.


Tomorrow is International Men’s Day; a day to celebrate the men in our lives.