Identification Wristbands

Wristbands aren’t just for festivals you know.

Wristbands can be used for identification purposes too. See the list below.



Vinyl wristbands are the most popular wristband choice for hospitals. The wristbands are used to identify patients & their medical needs. Vinyl wristbands are secure and require scissors to remove. The wristbands can be worn for several days at a time. Below is a list of some hospital areas where vinyl wristbands are used.

  • Allergies Awareness
  • Medical Notes
  • Morgue Identification Tag
  • Newborn Identity & Medical Wristband

Lanyards are our biggest selling product for hospital wear. The lanyards are dye-sublimated, so they can be washed and are 20mm in height. Hospital lanyards usually feature two safety breaks and an oval lobster clip. Our sales office are well equipped with quoting hospital lanyards, with advice and colour codes ready to hand. All lanyards are 900mm long and heights can be adjusted if needed. Contact the office here for a quote.


There are several types of wristbands you can use for leisure activities & events. Tyvek wristbands are extremely popular. Vinyl & tabbed wristbands are also a favourite; especially when the event is offering free drinks / food / products. Silicone and Fabric wristbands come in joint third as it all depends on the activity or event you’re running. Take the below for instance.

Bar Parties

Bars are usually free to enter, but sometimes pre-paid events do take place. Entry Wristbands = Tyvek Wristbands. Simple. They’re secure and come in a variety of colours. Mainly black print, but full colour is available here.

Don’t like the idea of paper wristbands? Vinyl wristbands are the second most popular entry wristband. They are also secure and can be printed in black or full colour print. Prices vary for black or colour, so check with the office.

Corporate Meetings / Events

Evening event? Morning meeting? Does it matter?

Tyvek wristbands are used for single evening / morning events. Stick them on and cut them off later. Do the same for vinyl. Vinyl wristbands are considered a must for those evening events where the dress code is kicked up a notch. Keep it classy with black wide-face vinyl wristbands with gold or silver print.

Hotel Resort Guest

Guest bands are worn for several days, so secure fabric wristbands are your best option as you can shower with these on. Fabric wristbands are either woven or dye-sublimated fabric. Security is added by a QR code, RFID tag or sequential numbering.

Offering a VIP evening event? Order tabbed vinyl wristbands and offer VIP clients a certain number of free drinks. Number your wristbands to keep an eye on numbers or use colour codes. There are sixteen different colours to choose from in our vinyl range and fabric are custom dyed to your spec. You could chop and change colours for each package deal.

Swim Session Timers

Swimmers need wristbands that are going to last under extreme water exposure. As such, we recommend silicone or fabric wristbands. Both products can be sequentially numbers, so you can keep an eye on who has finished their session. Silicone wristbands are debossed and can be filled with ink if preferred.

VIP Access

We’ve touched upon VIP wristband types like vinyl and tabbed. These are great for single night events, but you might need VIP wristbands for longer than a week. In which case, fabric wristbands are the perfect choice. Opt for lurex (glitter) yarn or dye-sublimated fabric for a sophisticated touch.



Schools are always using wristbands for identification purposes. Whether it’s to identify an injury or the type of dinner you’re having, these wristbands are in high demand. Plain silicone wristbands are used for dinner bands. Tyvek wristbands are used for emergency contact wristbands. Both wristband types are used for medical or allergy awareness wristbands.




  • Litter Identification Wristbands

Puppies. We love them, but a litter is hard work and trying to identify the puppies can be difficult. Use tyvek wristbands to identify pups. They’re soft, easy to secure and can be cut off easily and without fuss for the animal.


The above are suggestions only. There are loads of ways wristbands can be used as an identification method; it all depends on the purpose, material and subject. Have a look at our Choosing A Wristband page to help you decide which band is best for you.


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