Hyde Park Winter Wonderland: The Perfect Wristband for Christmas

It’s that time of year again when London’s Hyde Park becomes Winter Wonderland; an event which expands and impresses more and more every year and we are delighted to be a part of it by providing the wristbands for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2017.


Here are a few tips we want to share with you for when it comes to your own festive event wristbands.


1 Think Colour

It’s stressful enough just to plan an event, let alone control the comings and goings of staff, couriers, crew, and visitors.

An easy tip: Have a Colour Code.

Price Friendly Option: Keep the cost down by selecting plain Plain Tyvek Wristbands.


2 Mix Up Print

Whether it be your logo or a specific message that means something to you, you can put wording on your bands to keep away unwanted guests.

Security Option: Add sequential numbers or barcodes to your bands to make them more secure.


3 Add Graphics

Get creative this season by adding graphics to your design. It’s a stereotypical view that many prefer images to text, but when you’re looking at wristbands, sometimes decorations are easier to spot in a group.

An Idea: Make it recognisable but memorable. A funny picture or an image that is specific to your group is often the thing that sticks in the mind.


4 Sparkling Extras

Bring the sparkle this Christmas with glitter. Hyde Park chose glitter to bring the festive cheer to their fabric wristbands, but glitter is also available on silicone bands. Whether it is glittered font on your fabric bands, or glitter colour-fill on your debossed silicone, that sparkle is bound to get you noticed.

An Idea: Glitter silicone bands are also available as opposed to glitter colour-fill.

Now that we’ve pointed out some design ideas for your wristbands, you need to decide which band is appropriate for your event. Here is a quick summary to help you choose:



Simple and cost effective, this Tyvek Wristbands are often described as the ‘paper’ wristband and is available in various stock colours, with or without print.

Did you know: Litter Free Tyvek bands are also available.



The reliable and popular Vinyl Wristbands are often seen on the wrists of holiday goers, and comes in two shapes. The wide-face option allows a bigger print space for your information, while the straight band keeps a neat width all the way round.

Did you know: we also have Holographic Wristbands (plain or printed) available.



A comfortable keepsake band which can be glittered or have a debossed glitter colour-fill; this wristband brings the fun to the party.

Did you know: Glow in the dark bands are also available for evening events.



A keepsake band which is popular in the festival world, Fabric Wristbands can include up to 8 colours if woven. You can even upgrade your woven bands to Lurex and add glitter. Clips for fabric bands include secure plastic / metal clips or a sliding silver bead.

Did you know: If the woven bands aren’t for you, why not look at dye sublimated bands?



Corporate events? Security? Members only? Lanyards are the choice for you. Perfect for keeping passes safe and highlighting who is who, lanyards are the favourite choice for business events or days out.

Did you know: all lanyards come with safety breaks and dog clip.


To finish off, make sure you look at our size range for those events that include the whole family.