How Wristbands Can be The Key to a Successful Sale Event

Throwing an exclusive sale? Thinking of offering your customers a particular percentage off your product? Want to manage how many people get access to your exclusive event? Why not issue out wristbands?


Here’s some ideas how wristbands can be the key to a successful sale:


Paper Wristbands

They’re not actually made from paper, but Tyvek wristbands get the nickname from their appearance and feel. These easy self-adhesive sticky bands are excellent for one off events. So, if you’re offering a one time deal, order these bands and you won’t be disappointed. Print a barcode or QR code onto the band for exclusive discounts to customers. Change up the colours for different discount values.


The Advantages of Single Use Tyvek Wristbands

  • They’re easy for a start.
  • A QR code can be printed on them (in black print only)
  • A Barcode can be printed on them (in black print only)
  • Sequential numbering available (in black print only)
  • Cheap price
  • Black or full colour print available
  • Comes in 16 different plain colours plus stripes


Vinyl Wristbands

Think plastic wristbands (though they’re actually PVC). Vinyl are sturdier than tyvek wristbands and are a bit more water resistant. Vinyl wristbands are still single use wristbands, however, they can be worn for several days. If your sale is to include free products or tasters, have a look into the tabbed vinyl wristbands. You can print a design on the main strip of the band and each tab. Use the tabs to monitor the amount of freebies dished out to each customer.


The Advantages of Vinyl Wristbands

  • Longer durability than tyvek
  • Comes in more than 10 colours (product / stock dependent)
  • 4 different product types (straight / wide-face / holographic / tabbed)
  • Black or full colour print available
  • Secure poppa closure (removable via scissors only)
  • QR codes can be printed on the bands
  • Sequential numbering available in black print only


Fabric Wristbands

Is your event lasting longer than a popup? Fabric wristbands may be of interest to you. The material is soft and light with a secure plastic clip to keep the band from being removed. Durability is proven every year during festival season. You can go days, weeks, some even months, wearing these wristbands. Thread through a QR card on woven wristbands or go full colour print with dye-sublimated and include the QR code in the design. You can also sequential number fabric.


The Advantages of Opting for Fabric Wristbands

  • Custom made to design
  • Closest pantone match used
  • QR codes available on plastic tag for woven and can be printed direct onto fabric with dye-sublimation
  • RFID available
  • Secure plastic clip
  • longer durability than tyvek or vinyl
  • 8 colours in 1 design
  • Non stock colours available through pantone matching


Successful Wristband Ideas

So, now you know the main wristband types to use, let’s see how they they can make your event a success.

  • Firstly, wristbands are mainly used as an entrance fee. Use this to monitor how many people are to attend your event.
  • Limit your discounts by using different wristband colours to represent different discount offers. For example, on Saturday the bands are blue with 30% off and on Sunday the bands are red for a half price sale.
  • Keep track of your event with sequentially numbered wristbands. Sequential numbering adds a little extra security so you’ll know when there’s a gatecrasher wandering your exclusive event.
  • Use different prints as well as colour. If you have a VIP area, design VIP wristbands. The simpler you make it for your staff, the smoother your event will run.
  • People love a good freebie. Offer them a non-secure wristband option as a keepsake.


Have you used wristbands for an exclusive sale event? Or a popup event somewhere? Let us know how your wristbands helped with your event.