How To Order Wristbands Online: Upload Artwork

Our website is designed to be as quick and simple to use as possible. However, sometimes a helping hand is needed. So today’s topic is, ‘How to order wristbands online using the Upload Artwork option.’


Getting Ready

Ordering wristbands isn’t always an easy task. You may be ordering for yourself or on behalf of someone else, or a company. Nine times out of ten, more than one person is involved in the organisation, that it can become hard to get the order running. Stick with it. Once you know what type of wristband you’re looking for, the number you need and what is going to be printed on it, you’re 90% through your order. Now comes the online order part.


Upload Artwork Button

The Upload Artwork option is for full designs only (wristband templates here). If you have a logo you want printed on the wristband, please use the online designer tool to move the logo into place and create the rest of your design.


Uploading Your Own Artwork

Most of the time, people design their own artwork using the online designer tool. (Instructions on how to do so can be found here), but sometimes customers have in-house graphics designers to create their wristband artwork. Here’s what you need to do once your artwork is ready.


Artwork Requirements
  • Vectors (preferred) – ai, eps, editable pdf
  • Images – tiff, high-res jpeg, png
  • File Sizes: No smaller than 50KB and no larger than 6MB


Step by Step Guide


  1. Click on the product you would like to purchase
  2. Select the Upload your own artwork option. (Make sure to click on the correct print option if on tyvek wristbands)
  3. By this point you should have your artwork ready using our templates. Click on Got Artwork Ready.
  4. Enter your wristband colour and quantity
  5. Drop your file into the box or click on the Select Files and follow the instructions. (Uploaded files will appear green.)
  6. Click View Cart
  7. Check the delivery option is correct and click, Proceed to Checkout
  8. Fill out the billing and shipping information. (Make sure to input notes into the Notes Box)
  9.  Check the delivery option is still the one you want before filling out your payment details.
  10. Click, Place Order.


It is that simple.


More information on using the website is available on our blog.