How To Order Custom Lanyards

Designing the perfect lanyard for your event or business can be difficult if you’re unsure where to start. Earlier in the week we posted an introductory to ordering custom lanyards. For the full How To guide, see below.

1. Choose a type

Looking to purchase custom lanyards is never easy when you’re not sure what you want or need. To start off with, the best question to ask yourself is: why do I need this lanyard?

Most often than not lanyards are used to carry passes relevant to your working field. If you’re going to be using the lanyards for a long period of time, it’s best to think about what material you’ll need.

Screen Printed Designs on Polyester

The most popular lanyard ordered, the screen-printed polyester lanyards are commonly seen around the necks of school staff, security guards and company employees.

Designs are printed on top of the fabric, usually on one side, leaving the back of the lanyard plain. These are available to order online through our website in 15mm width and 1 colour print. You can design your own here. Alternative options are available through our office, such as more than 1 colour print or print to both sides (front and back). Continue on if you’d like to order through the office.

Dye-Sublimated (Heat-transferred) Designs on Satin

A premium alternative to the standard screen print, Dye-sublimated lanyards are a smooth satin type material where your design is printed directly onto the fabric via heat transfer. These clever printers enable a full colour match from design to product, including gradients and fine detail. As standard, they come in full colour print to both sides of the lanyard (front and back) at no extra charge.

2. Decide on a width

The general width for custom lanyards is 15mm. However, the width of your lanyard can increase depending on your work sector. For example, hospital staff always opt for 20mm width lanyards while school members prefer 25mm to include their school logo and/or crest.

All three sizes are available in both material types.

3. Create a design

Once you’ve decided on your material and width, you can begin designing your lanyard. We can do this in office for you. All you need to do is let us know how many colours you’d like, what they are, your desired font and theme for the design. To have a go yourself, click here to download our template. (Lanyard length is 900mm).

Screen Printed Designs

For your design to be screen-printed onto your lanyard, we would need to know the colours of your design and the type of graphics or images you’d like. Because your design will essentially sit on top of the fabric, intricate details may not be legible and gradient colouring cannot be achieved using this method. Often than not, the screen-printed method is used for text designs or large logos.

Dye-Sublimated Designs

Unlike the polyester material used for screen printing, dye-sub printers are used on a smoother, satin like material which is why your design can be in full colour with gradient shading and fine detail. While this is excellent news for complicated designs, the artwork we receive (such as logos, graphics or imagery) must be in a high-quality resolution in order to produce a clear, sharp print.

For more information on artwork guidelines, please click here.

4. Positioning a safety break

All our lanyards come with 1 standard safety break at the back of the neck, however we do offer other breaks such as soft closing. You can also ask for extra breaks (hospital staff like to have two breaks at chest level rather than 1 at the nape). We’ve also had one lanyard order with 5 safety breaks!

Safety breaks aren’t the only fastener you can add to your lanyards; buckles can also be added before your clip at the end of your lanyard.

5. Settle on a clip

Speaking of clips, all lanyards come with 1 dog clip at the end of your lanyard for your pass holder to attach to, though you can request for 2 clips in order for your lanyard to sit flush.

6. Add on a plastic holder & pass

Lanyards do not come with the plastic holders or passes as some companies/individuals already have them in place. However, if you need to add a plastic holder and/or pass to your order, please continue reading.

Plastic holders can be ordered online separately or at the time of enquiry with your lanyards. Passes can be purchased separately from the office or like the holder, at the time of enquiry with your lanyards.

7. Place your order

Once you’ve decided on all of the above and you wish to view your design and receive a quote, email over your enquiry to our sales team here or fill out our website enquiry form and one of our sales team will email back a quote and digital proof of your artwork based on the information you have provided. If you’re happy with the look and price, simply reply to your quote with your billing and delivery details and a proforma invoice for payment will be sent to you. It’s that simple.


Please note: delivery times for custom lanyards are 2-3 weeks from payment and artwork approval. Any questions, more information can be found on our Delivery page.