How to Create a Silicone Wristband Using the Online Designer Tool

Even the least savvy tech person can navigate our website. It’s online where you can design and order your own silicone wristbands. Not sure how? Follow our simple instructions on how to use our online designer tool and let us know what you think.


Silicone Home Page


Choose the customisation you would like and click on VIEW OPTIONS & BUY NOW button underneath.

(For this post, I’m going to choose our cheapest option: Printed Wristbands)


How would you like to order your Printed Silicone Wristbands?

Click on the middle option: START DESIGNING NOW


You’ll be redirected to our custom designer tool. The first box you’ll see is the band colour. Select the colour you’d like your band to be and close the pop up box by the X.


To edit the text on your band, double click on the sample text and then highlight it to delete. You can then type out your message.


You’ll notice by now the grey toolbar above your band. Here is where you can edit the colour of your text, change the font type, font size and alignment.


Need to add a logo?

Click on ADD IMAGE and choose your file. Re-position on the band where you’d like the logo to go.


Need more graphics?

Click on ADD GRAPHICS for print ready social icons or popular graphics.


All done?

Click on the floppy disk on the left of the band to save your design (just in case you need to change something later on).


Scroll down to to size and quantity options. Select both and then click ADD TO CART


Check your cart before selecting PROCEED TO CHECKOUT


You’ll come to the SHIPPING & BILLING page. Type in as much information as possible, especially in the ORDER NOTES box.


Scroll down to enter your payment details and click, PLACE ORDER.


Viola! Your order is complete.