How Custom Wristbands can Suit Your Business

On Monday we published how wristbands can be used to market your valentine’s event and with that in mind, we have been looking into other businesses which would benefit from wristband sales.


If you are an events supplier, be it for weddings, birthday parties, or any private celebratory event, you will be aware of the importance of gift packages and start-up sets. What started as little hampers has become a fast growing and successful business for event suppliers.


Wristbands are a great product to incorporate in your gift sets. From customised fabric wristbands to specialised silicone wristbands, you can choose any design, font and colour to suit the event you are supplying a hamper for.


From bridal sets to a teenager’s birthday set, you can order from 50 wristbands, customised to suit your business and clients. For professional yet personal touches, we can wrap and header card your wristbands so you’re ready to fill your gift sets at the receipt of our delivery.


Wristbands we have previously supplied for Event Gift Sets:

  • Birthday Boy / Girl
  • Bridal Party
  • Engagement Party
  • Father’s Day
  • Hen Parties
  • It’s a Boy / Girl
  • Mother’s Day
  • Special Occasion Anniversaries (Number Orientated)
  • Special Occasion Birthdays (Number Orientated)
  • Stag Parties
  • Wed Fest


Festival style wristbands have become a huge trend and with the addition of lurex yarn, your specialised event band can feature glitter font or be glittered itself. Our wristbands are designed by you so whatever event you’re planning on offering your clients the ultimate gift box for, we have you covered.


Providing your customers with a quirky, unique collection of products to make their event special for them has never been easier.