Holiday Wristbands: Where’s your Case?

Packing for a summer holiday can be a pain. Securing your case can be even worse!


Forget wrapping a wide multicoloured strap around the body of your suitcase. Sitting and squashing it isn’t going to make that buckle clip any easier. Besides, loads of people place straps around their suitcase to distinguish it from others, which in result, it blends in.


You can stand out and be assured your suitcase will be recognisable with a unique, customised Tyvek wristband.


Start you design from a range of wristband colours, including stripes, and add graphics and printed text in the font of your choice. If you’re planning on going on a family holiday and need several colours to suit your family members, you can mix your wristband colours at no extra charge.*


Secure a Tyvek wristband around the handle on the top (or the side, or both) and you’re sorted. Strong enough to hold the hassle of luggage handlers, yet looks and feels like paper; Tyvek wristbands can only be removed by scissors. Fastening is easy, by peeling back the tab, you can secure the self-adhesive as loose or tight as you need. No stress and with litter free versions, no mess.


Get designing today. Have your wristbands printed with your name and emergency number, or save money and order your wristbands blank, only to write the information on yourself with a ball point, biro or sharpie.


Frequent Flyer?

Buy in bulk and you will receive the best price. From plain to printed, to stripes, you can get the wristband you want at a reasonable price.



* An additional charge will only apply if you have different colours with different print / artwork (designs) on your wristbands. Tyvek wristbands are black print only. For full colour Tyvek wristbands, please click here.