Happy Belated New Year!

We hope you had a nice break and are rearing to go now you’re back at work; readying yourselves for everything the miserable month will throw at you.


Got an event coming up early Jan that requires management control products to be used? Why not look into wristband access control or security access lanyards and passes?

January is a two-way month. It can either go swimmingly well or it can drown you. Long, cold and often a little melancholy after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year, January can be a bothersome stretch. To avoid the drag-down, January Sales are offered and winter festivals (yeah, they’re a thing) are happening all around the UK to liven things up a bit.

If you’re one of the organisers, businesses, charities or an individual needing wristbands or lanyards for your January sale, festival or event, then we have exactly what you need.


Custom Design Wristbands:

Every wristband at Pac can be custom printed. And creating your custom design couldn’t be easier. www.wristbands.co.uk offers an interactive designer tool where you can add text, graphics, and colour to the wristband of your choice; creating your design on the spot without hassle. For those who would like a design to spec, or would prefer a design created for you, we can arrange an artwork proof in office for you. Not sure what wristband would work for you? Have a look at our Choosing a Wristband page.


Pre-Printed or Custom Design Lanyards:

Let’s not forget that wristbands aren’t the only product which will benefit you this January. Lanyards are excellent for schools, security and retail staff. While we offer custom designs (created by or for you), we also have pre-printed lanyards in stock; excellent for generic staff and crew security and awareness.


So, let’s get off to a good start this Jan and contact our team for help with enquiries, pricing and artwork.