Getting the kids out this Half Term

Has it come to the first school holiday already?

It’s amazing how quickly the new year is going. We’re not complaining; anything to get us out of this bout of cold weather and brings spring a little closer is a blessing in our book.

Keeping you and the children warm this chilly half term, we’ve come up with a list of activities that’ll get you out of the house, but not out in the cold.


Exhibitions & Attractions

It’s not for everyone, but exhibitions & attractions, whether they be art showings or something more specific like BodyWorlds, bring culture and learning into the holiday which all the family can take part in. They also present interesting and somewhat unusual conversation topics for the journey home.


Leisure Activities

From trips to the local indoor swimming pool, to bowling alleys, arcades and cinema viewings, there are loads of indoor activities that’ll spark your interest and the whole family can enjoy.



While you’ll have to brave the journey to and from your chosen museum, once you’re inside, you’ll be warm and driven with inspiration by the vast sights, history and escapism that is on offer.


Sports / Kids Clubs

Need babysitting services? Why not try a sports club / kids’ club available in your area? There is an entry fee, but if your child/ren are in need of parental supervision, what better than an indoor activity class full of children of similar ages and it means those of us that are still working, can do so without worrying about childcare. Half days and Full days are available depending on your local area, with finish times usually around 6pm for full day attendees.


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