Get spooky with wristbands this Halloween

Time to become the ‘other’ and embrace your dark side! Unleash your Mr Hyde. Halloween’s coming!


While we’re not suggesting you get completely into your monster theme just yet, Halloween is only a month away.

A time to celebrate the myth of the supernatural that teases our everyday lives; there has always been a great fascination with the paranormal. People have been interested in the unknown for thousands of years. Iceland have a whole museum dedicated to witchcraft and, did you know our local Norfolk county has hundreds of years’ worth of paranormal history surrounding its beautiful countryside? An individual recently renovated her listed home to find a Victorian child’s shoe in her chimney. Hidden there for over one hundred years, historians believe it was put there to warn off witches.


Mentioning witches, have you got a bewitching event coming up in October?

Halloween house parties are great fun for young children, as there are adults present and the event is in a safe and secure environment, allowing both child and parent to relax in a truly horrifying party. Grab a large flexi-bucket, fill it with water and you have a cauldron full of bobbing apples. Hand out glow in the dark silicone bands as children enter the house so that the lights can stay dim and children can interact in spookier activities without fearing the dark.


For bigger children’s parties, why not apply printed wristbands with the child’s contact details on, so if there are any frightening happenings, children can be reunited with their adult quickly and without panic. Brilliant for spooky soft-play parties which need access management wristbands and health and safety control wristbands, the Tyvek wristband is the perfect choice.


  • Affordable
  • Available in 16 stock colours
  • Plain or printed
  • One standard size to fit all
  • Water resistant
  • HP neutral and doesn’t irritate skin
  • Tough wear and tear
  • Secure (need scissors to remove)


Halloween Events for Adults?

  • Large arena events
  • Halloween concerts
  • Scare fests
  • Haunted House Parties
  • Haunted Tours

These are just some examples of events related to the Halloween scene. If you’re planning on any of the above or have some other spooky event coming up this October, keep an eye on our blog for a post on our Halloween wristbands for adults.


Happy haunting!