Get Colourful This Summer

Summer time is a vision of colour when bright bolds don’t offend, because for once, (we’re British, sunshine is a novelty) it isn’t a cold, rainy grey day. It may be stereotypical but you can’t deny the sudden excess of shorts, flipflops and dresses that burst on the scene when there’s a bit of sunshine in Britain. It’s because summer connotates warmth, freedom and joy. Yes, stereotypical ideals are still very much present in modern culture and who are we to argue?

If our customers want to replace the cold, grey sliding bead on their fabric bands for bright orange plastic beads to match the summer feel, then why not? Check out our sliding bead options for both woven and dye-sublimated fabric wristbands…


Metal Silver Bead

Our most popular closure, the sliding silver bead is available as one of our closure options for woven fabric wristbands on our website. Used at concerts, parties and celebrations, these beads allow wearers to adjust the band when being worn and remove it without cutting the thread and ruining your keepsake. For prices for woven fabric wristbands with a sliding silver bead finish, click here.


Metal Gold Bead

Like the metal bead but want something a little brighter? Contact our sales team to talk about the gold metal bead for those wanting to shine their way through an event. Often purchased for bridal and wedding wristbands, or to accommodate lurex wristbands, the gold bead offers the perfect finish to those all-important events.


Plastic Beads

A glossier, smoother finish to your wristband is the sliding plastic bead. Available in black or white, at no extra cost we can provide fabric wristbands with either one of the standard plastic bead colours, to finish off your summer wristbands. Recently used as the closure on wristbands for a fashion show, these beads are big and bold to match that summer feeling.


Pantone Plastic Bead

The beauty with fabric wristbands is the freedom of the design. Woven fabric wristbands can contain up to 8 colours (including the band itself) and dye-sublimated wristbands are unlimited by colour, meaning there are so many different designs and creativity behind the final product. Why should the closure of your band be any different? For a little extra, you can have a pantone coloured bead finishing the band of your desire. Why not ask a member of the team whether they can provide a pantone coloured bead? Email your enquiry here, along with your pantone colour and one of the team will confirm availability.


Ordering Your Fabric Wristbands

There are two options to ordering fabric wristbands: Online* or Through the Office.

*Unfortunately, all of the above beads (except the sliding silver bead) are not available on our website or on the Express Fabric Service. For more information and prices on wristbands with sliding gold or plastic beads, please contact the office.


Follow our blog to find out what Dye-Sublimated Fabric wristbands are and what the most common uses are for fabric wristbands.