Garden Party Wristbands

Spring is nearly here. Be ready for the change of season with garden party wristbands.


We love the change of the seasons; starting with spring, when the birds start to chirp and the sky gets a little lighter. Those days are a sure sign that summer is on its way and we love a bit of summer sunshine after the winter months. The British weather is always a gamble whatever the season, so when it comes to garden parties, preparation is key.


Getting an early start on your planning doesn’t hurt. Party planning can be very stressful whether you’re a novice organising your own party or a hired professional organising a big event. The secret is not to panic. We could say, prepare for anything and everything, but that is unrealistic and actually not very practical. Preparing for the worst is just as bad. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll want to be prepared; you just don’t want to be over-prepared. Organising around what could happen takes your concentration away from what is happening and a distracted planner is no use to anyone.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Budget
  • Date & Time
  • Venue
  • Guest List

Once you have the basics down, you can start to focus on the creative planning.

  • What do you need for your event?
  • What theme are you going to have?
  • Should there be different favours for adults and children?
  • Are my party favours / access wristbands going to be keepsakes or are they secure single use only?
  • Do you want eco-friendly products?

The above questions will determine which type of wristband you use for your garden event.


Disposable Options

A one-time event will need wristbands that are secure and disposable. (You’ll also need wristbands to withstand the British weather.)

Best Options are:


Keepsake Options

Usually ordered for personal events like birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, keepsake wristbands are non-secure and can be kept for years.

Best Options are:


What you need to know about Eco Options*

  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Fabric is made from recycled plastic (PET) and come with a wooden bead
  • Silicone is made from recycled silicone material (non-secure)
  • Wristbands are not recyclable in the UK and are not biodegradable.



*Eco products are available through our sales office only. Silicone and fabric wristbands have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks from purchase.