Funfair Wristbands

Organising a fun-day? Own / Work a Funfair?


I used to love going to the fair when I was younger, especially the funfairs in Spain. It was the highlight of my holiday. That and eating ice-cream at nine o’clock at night on the marina. Funfairs feature a lot in my memories. There were the abroad fairs, the travelling fair that came to our local park every summer and the school fate in the Spring.


The reason for this trip down memory lane? The entry.

How you enter a funfair depends on the location, the type of fair and the audience. The funfair abroad for example was stationary all year round, with closures only during the winter months. Therefore they used paper tickets which were valid for weeks at a time and could be purchased in bulk and used over the course of someone’s holiday.

Travelling funfairs and school fates are not based in one place like the funfairs abroad. Travelling funfairs and school fates are a single or weekend event which require entry admission per day or a weekender admission fee. Tyvek paper wristbands are used for single day events and vinyl or fabric wristbands are used for weekenders.


Here’s Why:

Tyvek is a self-adhesive sticky wristband. To remove it you need scissors. As a result, you can only wear tyvek wristbands for a short period of time without water exposure. Perfect for single day events.

Vinyl wristbands are plastic like and are strong enough to withstand water exposure for several days. Available in straight or wide-face shapes, these are excellent for travelling fairs which will be stationed for a weekend event.

Fabric wristbands are woven and super popular with festivals. Brilliant for park based funfairs that are around for the summer. Choose the plastic clip closure for secure wristbands.



Want people to remember your funfair and the enjoyment they experienced? Create and order silicone or fabric wristbands using our online designer tool and sell them as keepsake wristbands. These custom wristbands take 2-3 weeks to produce, so make sure you order within plenty of time. Check delivery turnarounds here.


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