Don’t miss out on wristbands for Freshers week, fabric wristbands are the go to option but they have a 2 week lead time so get in touch now.

If fabric isn’t for you, we produce several types of wristbands for all sorts of events.

If you’re looking to order freshers wristbands only to find you’ve missed the two week deadline before your freshers event, don’t worry. (We offer an express option on fabric woven wristbands, so contact the office asap to see if we can fit you in.) But, there are also plenty more university events you can use your wristbands for.

The whole point of freshers week is to introduce you to your new surroundings, meet new people and enjoy what university has to offer. Social clubs span out from freshers week and suddenly there are loads of opportunities to take part in various events. So, while all the attention may be on your first week, don’t get too caught up in the deadlines.

Social events happen all year round on campus, so ordering wristbands for your events is a doddle. Whether you’re throwing a themed party, a welcome night or a happy hour in the student bar, we’ve got you covered. See our recommendations below.

Typical Fabric Woven Wristbands

  • Closures Include: sliding metal/plastic bead, secure metal clip or plastic clip (all bands come with the closures already attached/threaded on)
  • Designs can include up to 8 colours on the band (including the band colour itself) but cannot include gradients or very fine detail.
  • In office designs can include UV or Lurex (glitter) yarn.

Easy Slip On & Off Silicone Wristbands

  • Customisation Options: printed, debossed, debossed with ink fill
  • All online customisation options are for 1 print / ink colour in the design
  • Marbled & Segmented silicone bands available through the office only
  • Various Sizes: standard sizes available online (custom sizes in office only)

Bar / Party Night Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands