Freshers Week Wristbands & Lanyards

Get involved with freshers’ week by ordering your wristbands now.


With so many events going on at different universities, the need for wristbands is in great demand and we want to make sure you receive the right wristband for your event. Freshers week is about introducing your newbies to campus and showcasing everything your university can offer. It’s a marketing event on one side and a student party on the other. Student bars arranging student night discount events for freshers’ week? Clubs, sports and creative classes available for a one-off event to freshers? Every campus is different and activities can be single classes or a student-bar event which lasts for a few days.


The perfect Freshers Week wristband to market your event: Silicone or Fabric?

Either one of these wristbands are an excellent choice of wristband to drum up interest in your freshers’ week events.

Silicone wristbands are known for their use in raising awareness for charitable causes. They are comfortable and reusable; the durable nature makes them a popular choice for keepsake bands.

Fabric wristband sales have gone from strength to strength with the increasing popularity of the festival trends. Suiting the unique styles of the younger generation, fabric wristbands can be designed to anyone’s style. Unlike the mass amount of band colour that shows on silicone or paying extra for marbled or segmented colours, the fabric band can feature up to eight colours if woven and unlimited colours if dye-sublimated, meaning you can cover the band with an entire pattern at no extra charge than a plain fabric wristband.


Single Event Wristbands:

Student night discount or one-off activity classes are a great way to meet people. We recently had a request to use Tyvek wristbands at a meet and greet singles event, where participants could write their names on their wristbands and be assured only members of the dating site were present because they had signed in and received a wristband.

To keep your new campus members safe and relaxed, introduce wristband controlled access to your event, making sure only university students are present and the participant has either paid or signed up to take part in your event; ensuring the safety of your students and peers. Tip: why not add a local taxi service and number to ensure travel safety for students?


Need lanyards?

Stock lanyards are already printed and ready to be sent out. Staff lanyards are black with white text, while security lanyards are orange with white text.

Customised lanyards: designed to match your event, these lanyards are 15mm standard width and can be either one or two sided. Lanyards can also be used for everyday campus use for student card holders. For prices on our lanyards and card holders, please click here.