Festival and Event Security

Whether you are organising an event for hundreds of people or thousands, you want it to be memorable. You may not be organising anything in the same league as Glastonbury or V Festival but by following some of the same practices adopted by the bigger events, you will ensure your special event or festival is remembered for all the right reasons. Getting security right is paramount, in particular the right people in the right place at the right time is crucial. Get this one wrong and you will have disappointed customers who go elsewhere for next year’s entertainment. So here are a few useful tips to get the best out of Wristbands, Lanyards and Passes, which will all contribute to help enhance site security and visitor control.

  • Whatever type of Wristband you use, try not to give them out in advance of the event. Circulating those weeks in advance only alerts the counterfeiters.
  • It’s better to put the Wristband on at the point of entry. This way you can make sure it’s secure and tight enough not to be removed and passed on for free entry.
  • Spend a bit extra on the Wristband by adding print making it more difficult to copy.
  • Make sure you print the date of the event, in particular the year. Using left over bands from a previous year means old bands can be reused.
  • Try to change the colours around from one year to the next. Most wristband suppliers have a wide range of colours so ring the changes.
  • Consider adding your own unique number sequence on the bands. Both Tyvek and Vinyl Wristbands can easily have sequential numbers added. This way you can record a number against the entrant.
  • Go one step further and add a barcode. Scanning at point of entry will soon show whether the band has already been used. Even a “dummy” barcode may be enough to deter those thinking to try and reuse a band for free entry.
  • Select the right type of Wristband to suit the duration of the event. Tyvek is good for a day but anything longer and you should really be using Vinyl or Fabric. These bands are durable and will stand up to the outdoor environment.
  • If alcohol is being sold, consider issuing Under 18 or Over 18 verified Wristbands
  • Where visitor numbers are high and young children are in attendance, a lost child is your worst nightmare. The Suffolk Show issues free wristbands for children to have a parents telephone written on, which helps speed up reuniting lost children.
  • Select a different colour band for each category of visitor or person working on site.
  • Ensure that all site staff are properly identified
  • Pre – printed lanyards with Contractor, Security, AAA, Crew, Visitor, and Staff are all readily available.
  • Security Passes can be attached to the Lanyard and can be printed in low MOQ’s
  • Record the passes issued by having them numbered.
  • Finally, don’t be complacent

Following just a few of these tips will help ensure you get only those people on site who should be there. A few extra pounds spent on the right Wristbands will raise your revenues and ensure that your event is memorable for the entertainment rather than the free entry!