Fabric Party Wristbands

The Growth of Fabric Baby Shower Wristbands


It may come as a surprise to some to know that there is such a thing as a festival themed baby shower. Then again, to those who follow the latest trends, it may not.


Event suppliers who offer gift boxes for special occasions have been pocketing from this popular US celebration of a woman’s journey into motherhood, by organising event packs for the hostess and her guests. From simple ‘thank you’ cards to customised ‘baby shower 18’ fabric wristbands, these boxes offer either a starter pack to help organise the event or specific customised items for the partygoers.


Here a Pac, we provide wristbands for every occasion and are adaptable to most, if not all, designs. For fabric wristbands, we supply both woven and dye-sublimated options, so no design is too much. Colours can be pantone matched and particular fonts can be achievable if the desired font is specified during the artwork process.


As previously mentioned, baby showers have increased in popularity over the years and what started as an American custom, has now become an expectant event at a certain point in a woman’s life. A point which is often a keepsake in the honoured guest and her immediate family’s life.


Fabric wristbands are often kept as a trinket of an event. Whether it be your festival wristband or the wristband your guests wore at your wedding, fabric wristbands are thin, flat and flexible to keep in a frame alongside a photograph. Such is the reason why fabric baby shower wristbands are gradually catching up to their popular sibling, the Bridal Party Wristbands.


Bridal Party Wristbands such as ‘Bride Tribe’ and ‘Bride / Groom to-be’ lurex fabric wristbands are best sellers in their field, and we have no doubt fabric baby shower wristbands will soon follow.