Embossed vs. Debossed

Do you know the difference?


Custom silicone wristbands are very popular. Fundraisers, charities and schools love silicone wristbands. They’re great for all ages. There’s just one problem… Design clarification.


Printed Designs

Simple. The method is in the name. Designs (which is everything on the band – logo, text, graphic, etc.) are all printed onto the band.


Embossed vs. Debossed

Similar, right? Kind of. The two customisation types are often misused or mistaken for each other, which is why we’re going to explain the short differences between them. From now on, your orders are going to be quick and simple.


Embossed Designs

Easiest definition: embossed designs (texts, logos, graphics, etc.) are raised out of the band.

Embossed designs aren’t usually ink covered, but you can opt for ink to be applied for an additional charge.


Debossed Designs

Easiest definition: debossed designs (texts, logos, graphics, etc.) are carved into the band.

Debossed designs can be filled with ink and are available to design and order on our website here.


Still Unsure?

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