Easter Wristbands

Not everything at Easter is about chocolate, but that’s not to say we can’t print a chocolatey design on your wristbands if you’d like. In fact, all our designs are custom printed to your spec. Any Easter designs in mind? Let us know about them and we will see if we can print it.


Let’s talk colours

Colour is important when looking into seasonal wristbands. Halloween tends to bring out black, purple, orange and red wristbands, while winter sees an increase in blue, silver and gold wristbands. Spring colours then are often light or pastel shades. Pink, blue, yellow and green are favourites among spring designs. Perhaps the popularity in light colours reinforces the newness of the season? Easter is after all the time of rebirth.


Graphics & Designs

Taking the above into consideration, it’s no surprise graphics like newborn animals, grass backgrounds and straw hats & baskets are used in Easter wristband designs. The images represent the development of life; the beginning of a new environment / cycle. Furthering away from spiritual designs come consumer / marketing brands, such as the Easter Bunny, chocolate, and eggs. The latter graphics are products of the modern conception of Easter. Neither one is right or wrong. Easter can mean different things to different people, which is why Easter wristbands do not fall into one particular category.


Easter Wristbands

Some wristbands are required for church groups, while others are for a child’s Easter Hunt. The two events are very different and different wristbands and designs will be used in response. A church group for example, may have silicone keepsake Easter bands with biblical verses printed across them, while an Easter egg hunt may use disposable tyvek wristbands for paid access. Catering your Easter event is based on three main things:

  • The event
  • The purpose of the wristband
  • The longevity of the wristband

More information on wristband materials, designs and colours can be found on our blog. Prices are on our website or contact the sales office for further pricing.