How to Raise Awareness From Home

Another week working from home and already the days are blurring into one, but, did you know Easter is next week? For some, celebrations of rebirth and staying home to scoff chocolate has suddenly lost its appeal. For most, the latter is just another day in the house.


Physical events may be on the back burner due to the virus, but private celebrations happen every single day. It’s in times of struggle that we must remember that time together is precious and in this modern world, we have the means to come together all over the world without ever leaving the house.


Coming Together, Virtually

On April 2nd, it is World Autism Awareness Day. It is on annual international days such as this, that individuals come together to support a greater cause. Since physical proximity is not an option today, why not hold your awareness campaign digitally? Vlogs and blogs are great for product advertising and wristbands can be delivered without physical contact.

Above shows an Autism Awareness wristband we produced for a charity. Many charity wristbands are silicone made, because the material is soft, flexible and the bands can be removed at any given time. The reusable aspect allows the wristband wearer to keep the wristband for a longer period of time. The wristband above is an example of six colour print on an adult size wristband.


Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are available to design and order on our website. Online orders are for one single colour print / ink fill on the wristband. More than one colour print / ink on the wristband can be designed and ordered through the sales office. The wristband has a standard 12mm height and 2mm thickness, however, customised heights can be ordered through the sales team. The standard length of a silicone wristband is 202mm for adults, 180mm for youths and 160mm for nursery. Custom lengths can be made if you place an order through our sales team.


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