Customer News: Say It With Diamonds

Did you know tomorrow is Good Friday?


I know, we’ve lost track of the days too. Some parents have successfully pulled off a school week for their children and probably, not on purpose. Each day seems to roll into one for most of us, but some in the event industry are not so lucky. Looking over your bookings and noticing a big strike through with the word cancellation scrawled next to it is not something anyone wants to see. But, such is the current situation.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. To quote the Queen, ‘Better days will return.’


Events to Look Forward Too

At the start of the year, we received a new order from our client, Say It With Diamonds, for an event they were sponsoring. The event was, Forever Young: Easter Rave.

Not heard of either party? Read on to find out more about them.


Say It With Diamonds

Our first order from Say It With Diamonds came through in April 2019 for fabric event wristbands. A year later from that first order and we have produced 8,700 wristbands in total.

Say It With Diamonds began as a home business for two young mums, before evolving into, what is their current store, a well-known and sort after jewellers in Met Quarter, Liverpool. The company offers bespoke diamond products, along with ring consultations and sponsorship to events such as Forever Young Kids Raves.


Forever Young

He may only be 14, but Louie Smith is already an entrepreneur in the making. Forever Young is the name of Smith’s raves. The events are aimed for children aged 10-14 years; with Smith hosting and often performing as event DJ. Other DJs are often encouraged to compete for an opportunity to play alongside Smith at his events through his Facebook profile, and event profits are often donated to charities.


Forever Young Events

While we produced Easter Rave wristbands for Say It With Diamonds, we can confirm the event (which was scheduled for the 16th April) has been postponed due to the coronavirus. Event details can be found here.

Past events have included, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s and Summer, so even with next weekend’s event postponed, there are certainly more events coming from this particular duo to look forward to in the future.