Custom Wristbands: Schools Abroad


Firstly, while this may be either your first or last trip abroad with your school, that doesn’t mean you can go all ‘America Pie’ or ‘The Inbetweeners’ on us, with explicit wristband designs. (Matching t-shirts is so nineties.)

Secondly, we will be mentioning the safety aspect of wearing wristbands on your school trip, though for a further look into that side of things, we will be uploading posts later on in the year.


Right, now the warnings are out of the way…

Thinking practically may not be your priority when you’re faced with a trip abroad. The prospect of a parent free week, limited supervision and a chance to roam a foreign country usually brings a sense of youthful abandonment. Your buzz is palpable. So much so that you’ve managed to convince your friends, peers, or teachers to agree to matching wristbands. It’s a keepsake, so this is where practically comes in. Your trip is going to last longer than one day so make sure your wristband is water resistant (unless you plan not to shower).

Go for: Fabric (think festivals) or Silicone (think charity).

Your wristband needs to be comfortable for all conditions, so think about the material of your band. If you’re going for the festival look, woven fabric bands are for you, but if you think the weaves on the back will irritate, then go for something smoother, like the dye-sublimated fabric bands, which are a satin type material. Your design won’t be affected much by the switch, in fact, dye-sub bands have an unlimited number of colours you can use. Which gets us moving to the fun part…


Your Trip, Your Design

All of Pac’s Wristbands can be customised to suit you and your wristband purpose.

If it’s…

  • Emergency contact bands… you can have school colours and school information
  • Class bands… you can have the year you started school and the year you’ll finish it.
  • Unique-To-You bands…create your own design for you, your friends and your peers.
Silicone Wristbands

Often a favourite for raising awareness, supporting a cause, or being a keepsake band for school trips, silicone bands are an easy wear accessory. For intricate designs, we recommend printed silicone as small details may get lost under the colour fill of the debossed designs. Mix up band colours with segmented or marbled designs and add as many colours as you want – speak to our sales team for the best price!

Fabric Wristbands

A festival must-have. Keep the vibe going with festival inspired wristbands for your trip. The woven wristbands offer a colourful alternative to the rubber bands, and with the inclusion of UV yarns and lurex glitter, the bands are a unique item for you to enjoy and reflect on in years to come.


Handy Wristband Tips for When you Travel…


Luggage Identification Labels

Use a Tyvek or 1” full colour laser band as an identification tag for your suitcase or carryon. Customise your wristband with colour, text and graphics to mark it as your own.

Sequentially Numbered Safety Bands

Why not add sequential numbers to your design so that students are assigned a numbered band, making headcounts and safety exits quick and easy. Available in silicone and fabric wristbands.

Emergency Contact Bands

Often used for school day trips, teachers and supervisors can issue single-use Tyvek wristbands with an emergency contact name and number for the travelling days.


For more information on our wristband ranges, please see our website.