Custom Wide Silicone Bands

You know that feeling when you go into a shop looking for a pair of shoes, but every pair you try on are too narrow? Well, we might not be able to produce the perfect wide-fit shoes, but we can produce a wide-fit silicone band.


If you’re looking at our website for silicone bands and are disappointed that all customisation types have an adult standard size of 202mm, then ditch the frown because we can produce 210mm silicone bands (and higher*) through our sales team.


Why are they only available through the office?

Well, a wider band means a larger print area and artwork will need to be custom designed by our graphics team in order to make sure your logos and text can be produced in your chosen customisation type to a high quality.


So, what type of customisation can you choose?

All three. You can have your 210mm band with a printed, debossed or debossed and coloured filled design.


Is there a minimum order?

Like all our customised silicone bands, there is a minimum order of 50 wristbands. These 50 can be split across other size wristbands or colours.


What’s the price?

Prices are dependent on your overall quantity. For the best price contact our sales team.


Want to know more about different types of silicone bands available to customise?

We will be uploading various silicone topic posts throughout the year on our blog. To view our current posts, please click here.


*Wider silicone bands are available through the office. If you have a specific size needed (i.e. camera lens diameter), please contact the team for a quote and availability.