Custom Wedding Wristbands

Wed Fest: the new theme that’s taking over the wedding circuit.


It’s a bit different to a traditional church wedding, but with the popularity of outdoor ceremonies increasing each year, the idea of a festival themed wedding was bound to become a reality sooner or later.

The new festival theme sees weddings happening outside, with tipis instead of marquees, food trucks replacing sit down dinners and wellie boots don the feet of the bridal group and groomsmen. With the introduction of this colourful, carefree festival vibe, popular wedding months September and October are slowly being replaced with hotter months July and August. But with this decline in autumn weddings comes the increase of summer fests and keepsake wedding wristbands for the happy couple and their festival guests have never been so in demand.

If you’re planning on a festival themed wedding, we have the lowdown on fabric wristbands right here to help you select the perfect festival band.


Wedding Preparation…The Fabric Wristband


Traditionally, fabric wristbands are used for festivals due to the longevity of the event and the versatility of the band. Fabric wristbands have the option to include radio frequency identification tags and are considered one of the most comfortable type of wristband due to their woven fabric or satin dye-sublimated options.

Woven fabric wristbands, the most commonly used band for festivals, is a fabric band which contains up to 8 woven colours to make up your design. Soft on the skin and lightweight, the woven band is a firm festival favourite.

Dye-sublimated fabric wristbands are printed and feel like satin. No weaves create a smooth back service to the band when worn and the design is not limited to a certain number of colours.

You can select from a number of clips to secure your bands. Most festivals choose a secure metal clip which uses a clipping tool to clamp shut, but since you’re using the bands for a private affair, the clipping tool method might be a little time consuming and not so wedding guest friendly…

Sports teams like the plastic clip option as it allows team members to play comfortably without excess material dangling around their wrists, which is fine, but then, you’d have to cut them to get them off and that could spoil your keepsake…

Performers prefer their concert audiences to have a sliding bead on their wristbands, keeping the band free and easy to readjust and remove when needed…


Wedding Theme…The Design


Once the material of your band and the type of clip has been decided on, you are ready to choose the design for your wristband. It is not known or very often taken into account but the type of clip you have on your band can affect the visibility of your design when the wristband is worn, so it is important to check this beforehand.

Woven designs can contain up to 8 colours, which can be designed to show flowers, patterns, and text. Woven wristbands can also be made from UV yarn to provide that glowing affect for late night receptions or lurex yarn to add glitter to your design.

Dye sublimated wristbands can have unlimited colour and can include graphics, text, patterns and logos on a smooth satin material.

Whichever design you choose, make sure you have enough time for the bands to be made and delivered. Fabric bands, both woven and dye-sub, have a lead time of 2-3 weeks, so it is important to get your wristbands planned as early as possible.


Wedding Day…The Keepsake


You’ve prepared, you’ve completed and now you can reminisce what a wonderful day it was with your keepsakes. Pop your wristbands in a frame with your favourite wedding photo; giving you something to highlight the date and time of your event and provide a unique topic of conversation with houseguests.

Skip traditional wedding favours and present your guests with their wristbands. Wearable and memorable, your wristbands will be a subject of interest for many.


What’s Next?

While we have summed up the most important factors in choosing your wristbands, it is important for you to see a visual of what your product will look like. After all, you’ll want to make sure everything about your day is perfect.

Every band we make and supply is designed as a digital proof and is checked with the customer for confirmed approval before it goes into production. Digital proofs can either be done online on our website or through our office. To start designing your own woven band, click here. For dye-sub bands, send your artwork to and our office team will send you an email with your digital proof, along with your quote.


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