Custom Size Silicone Wristbands

A couple of days ago we posted about custom wide silicone bands. Today’s post is about silicone bands of an extra height compared to the standard 12mm.


If you like the look of silicone bracelets but the standard height of 12mm is a little too thin for your liking, we can supply silicone bands with a 20mm or 25mm height.


Why are they only available through the office?

20mm and 25mm height is a bespoke product and each artwork proof has to be approved by our graphics team before purchase. In order to avoid delays, we provide the proof in office to make sure you receive the best quality print/design.


So, what type of customisation can you choose?

All three. You can have your band with a printed, debossed or debossed and coloured filled design.


Is there a minimum order?

Like all our customised silicone bands, there is a minimum order of 50 wristbands. These 50 can be split across other size wristbands or colours.


What’s the price?

Prices are dependent on your overall quantity. For the best price contact our sales team.


Want to know more about different types of silicone bands available to customise?

See our post on CustomWide Silicone Bands or keep a look out on our blog for silicone related posts. For other silicone posts select the links below.