Custom Festival Wristbands

So, it’s the second week of Jan— Most likely your first full working week of the new year… yeah, moving swiftly on.

While the adrenaline leaves our bodies to be replaced with a stark reality that we’ve pretty much spent all our money, there is an upside to January and the long month doesn’t pose as much a threat as one would think. For example, the dreaded Christmas parties are over, the overbearing family members have gone home, and the drunken mistakes from New Year’s Eve can be written off as last year (don’t start with the midnight technicality rubbish— we prefer the pre-midnight idea).

Plus, getting us through January is the prospect of festival season. Already headliners have been released with Stormzy at Glastonbury and 1975 at Reading Festival. Event organisers are prepping, staging and designing the layouts, media releases and merchandise. The latter being our speciality; the need for festival entrance wristbands is increasing year upon year, with orders coming in earlier than ever. Not that we’re complaining— the earlier the wristband order, the better and less stressful it is for everyone involved.

Looking over the popular choices our customers have made in regards to their festival wristbands, we’ve come up with a few suggestions on the design of your wristbands, the fabric material that best suits your needs, and the closure solutions to keep things fast moving. So, let’s get started!


It’s about Freedom

Let’s face it, the world is going cashless with more and more gadgets including payment apps, chips or tags. Wristbands are no different. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are becoming a sourced after accessory to the traditional fabric festival wristbands; with payment methods linked to the wearer, the ticket information easily accessible by staff and security and there’s no anxiety of losing something that is physically attached to you.

In regards to physical attachment, have you decided on the closure of your wristbands? For security, the plastic clip or metal closure are your best options. (Please note that the metal closure will require a closing tool to secure.)


It’s about Expression

Every festival has a unique look. Every year the look gets an upgrade, but the foundations are the same. Your festival wristbands need to represent your festival and its participants. It’s important to remember that festival wristbands are not just for the event; many are worn for several months afterwards. The design you choose is therefore a huge factor in the success of your wristband. (By success, we’re referring to the length of time your wristband is worn after your event.) Perhaps it’s a controversial opinion, but we are interested in things that are attractive. The more eye-pleasing the design, the more likely one is to wear it. On the flip side of that, we are also consumers, willing to wear something for the name alone so text on the band needs to be clear if not big.

Colour can be divided into this analogy. As mentioned in the link, designs can feature analogous or complementary colours to achieve the desired effect. Though it should be mentioned before you go all out on the colours in your design, material (polyester/satin) will affect the number of colours available so make sure to check out the artwork guidelines before you start getting creative.


It’s about You

At the end of the day your wristband is promoting you and your event, so make the most of them. Festival fabric wristbands are an excellent marketing tool as mentioned before (they’re worn for far longer than the standard wristband) and should be tailored to this. From silky dye-sublimated wristbands to extra wide fabric wristbands, your designs are created either by you here (woven only) or by our graphics team. For artwork advice, see our Artwork Guidelines or contact our sales team for information on the colour limits, design opportunities and custom sizing.


Your event. Your wristbands. Your way.