Creative Ways to Memorialise Your Wristbands

Festivals and concerts often come with a fabric wristband on entry and, while it is fun and fashionable to wear these bands during the event, coming home with a sticky, sweaty wristband is far from enjoyable, let alone hygienic!


A cleaver way to keep these bands away from your wrist, but not stuck collecting dust somewhere in the back of your wardrobe (or god-forbid in the bottom of the bin!) you’ll want to take a page out of the wedding book and swap those dried pressed flowers for your wristbands.

Create memorable and colourful art out of simple fabric. A wide-fit frame is all you need. Though, not everyone will be thrilled at the idea of drilling holes into the wall should you wish to display your bands.


If so, why not try a scrapbook instead?

Scrapbooks are an easier and cleaner way of keeping your wristbands in one place. You can change bands when your tastes differ and add new bands to the collection without hassle.

Why not collect your wristbands from festivals and concerts you’ve seen with friends and family and combine a scrapbook, along with pictures and captions to give as a present and memorialise your trip together? Just think, you’ll have a record of wristbands from concerts and festivals long forgotten in the future.


It’s not just festival and concert wristbands that can be stored in this way. Get the family involved with keeping your entry bands from adventure parks, school trips, achievement bands, or days out. Usually these bands are made from Tyvek or vinyl and are easier to stick down. Young kids will love this creative activity as it will give them something to brag about to their friends when it comes to school the next day. As for the older children, complaining about their digital devices sitting untouched, bring them back to basics with a bit of family time and they’ll soon forget about their tech. You can create a collage of different coloured and sized bands, mixing it up with marbled or heavy texted samples. The fact is this collection is of your memories; just because the event has ended, doesn’t mean the enjoyment of it has.