Creating Wristbands Using the Online Designer

Using the online designer is the easiest and quickest way to create your wristband design for order. However, there are a few things we’d like to point out to help ensure your online experience is as stress free as possible.


Identify Your Colours

The beauty of designing your own wristband is the freedom to be creative. The online designer offers a great variety of text colours using the Text Colour box in the grey toolbar. The downside? Everyone has a different screen resolution setting. So, that lovely shade of gold that you’ve been deliberating over for the past half hour could appear yellow to our colour matcher.

Don’t rely on tech:

Let us know the specific shade you’ve used. Please state the text/logo/graphics colours in the Order Notes on the Shipping and Billing page before purchase. Got a pantone colour code handy? Share it with us.


Make Sure You Save Your Design

This is especially important when using the online designer. Imagine, after spending a good half hour designing the perfect wristband, you click through to your basket and then realise you’ve missed something from the design. You go back in to fix it and your wristband is blank. Such is the way if the Save button isn’t clicked before you choose to add the wristband to your order.

Click the Save Button

It is imperative to click on the save button. (It looks like a floppy disc to the left of the band in the designer.) You do not need to name your wristband, but by all means, do so if it helps you.

When you go back into your design from your basket to edit your wristband, don’t be alarmed if the website takes you back to a blank band; your design can be found by clicking on the upload button. (The upload button looks like an arrow and line. It’s located underneath the floppy disc to the left of the wristband on the designer).

You can save your design as many times as you like and if you go back into the designer tool and click on the upload button, you can delete your saved designs by clicking on the little grey cross at the top right of the design once you’ve finished with it.


If Required, Request a Digital Proof

As the designer is essentially your digital proof, we do not send an attached proof with your invoice for you to confirm before we print. Proofs will only be sent for online orders if they are requested in the Order Notes box or if there is a concern regarding the print material.


Use the Order Notes Box

You may have noticed I keep referring to this Order Notes box. That’s because, believe it or not, the Order Notes box on the Shipping & Billing page of is your new best friend. Trust us, the more notes you put in, the better.

The order notes print on your order and is the sole information box available for online orders. Unfortunately, we cannot read minds (wouldn’t that be something?) so if the box is empty, colours will be matched to their closest pantone mate, proofs will not be sent and production times will continue as standard.

If you have a deadline, please state this in the Order Notes, and we will either contact you to confirm your delivery date is achievable or we will offer to arrange an express service at an additional charge.


For a quick summery, then. To make sure your online order using the Online Designer is stress free for all, please,


  1. Identify your colours (preferably with pantone codes)
  2. Save your design (this comes in handy for repeat orders)
  3. Use the Order Notes to your full advantage (there’s no such thing as too much information)


Click here to begin designing your wristband.