Christmas Wristbands and a Festive Book Signing!

The Christmas countdown and before we know it, it will be the big day.  The John Lewis advert is out and now the holidays really are coming . See what we did there? No? Ok, moving on.


There’s no question that Christmas is a celebration, but it is often an eventful one and many can be bogged down by the sheer enormity of it all; the dinner… the presents…the tree…the family. While for children it can be a magical event when toys and gadgets cover the floor, huge amounts of sweets and chocolate are actually allowed, and bed time is later because the fight over which film to watch on telly delayed everything. (Who hasn’t fought over channel one and three?)


But for adults, sometimes the magic fades and Christmas becomes a stressful event, where you’re up first thing to get the turkey in the oven and the vegetables need steaming. Then there’s half of the family who don’t eat Christmas pudding so you have to make sure there are other deserts available (which you’ll probably have to defrost first). Sometimes it is a victory if you can sit down at the end of the day with your hot chocolate or Irish coffee and listen to the squabble over the remote.


To avoid the stress this Christmas and bring back the magic, fashion and beauty vlogger, Tanya Burr, has written a Christmas book to help everyone ‘have the most wonderful Christmas imaginable’ (2017:11) . With two bestselling books under her belt, Burr has crafted Tanya’s Christmas with chapters focusing on Christmas crafts, recipes and gifts. From decorating your house to baking Christmas cakes, and wrapping the perfect Christmas presents, the book travels from the preparations to ‘The Main Event’ (as referred to in the book), and beyond to celebrating the New Year.


We have just produced tyvek wristbands for a book signing event that is scheduled this month at Jarrold in Norwich where Tanya’s Christmas, the third and latest book by the make-up artist, who has her own cosmetics line and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, will be available to meet ticket holders. (Anything to keep the stress wrinkles away is good news to us!)


A methodical way to organising Christmas and have fun? It’s a no brainer. Perhaps this year there will actually be a party and not a destructive mess in the house…



Have you got a Christmas event coming up that requires limited access? Whether it be a book signing event, meet and greet appointments, school play, concerts, club nights, student nights, adults only, etc… Wristbands are a great way to keep track of who is coming and going and, as we know you’ll be busy gearing yourself up for the Christmas sales, PAC can deliver next day*  on disposable Tyvek and vinyl wristbands so you’re not rushing around for the finishing touches.

Mentioning finishing touches, glittered lurex fabric wristbands are now available (used for Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland 17 ). Fabric is a softer option for those events you want to remember, for example Christmas concerts, meet and greets or VIP options, where your clients can memorialise your event. Or for those traditional VIP lanyards… satin smooth and with gradient colours, the dye-sublimated option is always a contender  this time of year.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, we hope you have a fun (or in Burr’s words a ‘wonderful’) one.