Christmas Party Wristbands

It’s the one night of the year that lets us make complete idiots of ourselves. Yes, Christmas parties are either one of the best nights of the year (with a side effect of the most atrocious hangover the following day) or they’re the worst event ever organised.

Well, not this year. Oh, we don’t doubt there will be someone out there who has a killer headache the next day – we’re not referring to them. No, we are talking about forward planning our Christmas orders and which wristband range we are going to focus on this Christmas party season. Last year we posted about wristband colours and last-minute orders. Well, this year our wristband of choice is the fabric wristband.

There is so much potential for fabric Christmas bands. Especially our dye-sublimated satin wristbands. With unlimited colours, gradients and the finest details, dye-sublimated fabric wristbands are a perfect choice for your winter events. Why not have a snowy background for your band colour or a starry night for Christmas Eve? Images can be featured on your bands, from playful snow fights around the snowman to a log fireplace with a letter to Santa.

If you want to incorporate glitter into your design than the woven lurex wristbands are for you. With the inclusion of up to 8 colours in your design, you can accessorise your Christmas outfits with a sparkly wristband. Choose from shades of gold to bright pinks and oranges. For information on what lurex yarn colours are available, ask a member of the sales team on our contact page.

You’re probably wondering why we are thinking of Christmas in November, but it’s a crucial part of our customer service. Fabric wristbands can take 2-3 weeks to produce and deliver, and that’s not including all the time spent on organising, designing and paying for your wristbands. Production and delivery only begins after you’ve confirmed your artwork and paid for your order, which means, the longer we dilly-dally between designs, the shorter our deadline becomes. Rushed jobs = rushed results. Nobody wants a last-minute headache.

I’ve put this in a lot of my posts, but preparation really is the key to ordering wristbands. Human error is common in every workplace and should there come an experience with it during early orders, there’s always plenty of time to rectify a mistake.

Dye-sublimated wristbands – you know, the ones I mentioned could feature a magical snowy Christmas scene – these are 2-3 weeks to produce and deliver. There is no ‘quick fix’ or rushed job for them to be of the best quality you deserve. So, make sure your party bands are signed off, paid for and are with you in advance of your event.

For quick turnaround orders, please contact the team here for information and prices on our Express Fabric Service. Please note, this service is for woven wristbands only.

For further delivery information, please see our website. For more information on the dye-sublimated fabric bands, please contact the office here.