Mother’s Day: Fundraising & Hospitality Wristbands

Mother’s Day is coming up. How will you be celebrating?


I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why on earth would someone buy their mother a wristband for Mother’s Day? Well, it’s all down to location, purpose and activity.


Charity & Fundraising Mother’s Day Wristbands:


Have you ever heard of raising awareness? Charity wristbands work really well as a fundraiser product. Having a family holiday centred wristband can be very useful as a fundraiser product because it gives the charity a special edition version (if you like) of their awareness wristbands. Below are some example places and wristband ideas for how to use Mother’s Day to increase your campaign / appeal.


  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Charities
  • Youth Clubs
  • Support Groups


Mother’s Day Wristband Ideas:

  • Entry paper wristbands for a fundraiser event on Mother’s Day weekend
  • Sell silicone holiday wristbands with a Mother’s Day message on
  • Offer fabric holiday wristbands with a Mother’s Day message on
  • Congratulate an achievement with a Mother’s Day themed wristband


Business & Hospitality:


Events like Mother’s Day are major sell outs for caterers and hospitality sectors. Often we see prices increased for the event or freebies given out to entice customers to visit, but we’ve never really thought of how wristbands and lanyards could be included in the theme. (Or passes, for that matter). However, it turns out wristbands, lanyards and passes can all be used for events based on national themes. Let’s take a look below.


Offer Complimentary Mother’s Day Wristbands:

We provide many wristbands for holiday venues from vinyl wristbands for five star hotels to fabric wristbands for holiday parks. We know how important wristbands are when it comes to running events smoothly within your establishment, which is why, we want to mention specified holiday event wristbands. Just think, wristbands are custom designed by you, for you. This means your wristbands can be a vital player in any special event offer.

If you’re offering a Mother’s Day special event, why not design and order Mother’s Day event wristbands? These wristbands will distinguish which customers are regulars and which are special event guests. (A bit like VIP treatment!)


Mother’s Day Wristband Ideas:


Mother’s Day is on 31st March 2019. If you are using wristbands, lanyards or passes for a special Mother’s Day event, contact us here for a quote.