Bristol2Beijing: Bringing Positivity to the Forefront

In difficult times, our client Mark Grenfell-Shaw reminds us that positivity can be found in every situation.


Last year, we received an order for recycled silicone wristbands. The design was a simple heading with a website; something so unobtrusive we didn’t know the important message behind it until COVID19.


The Charity

In order to know the importance of the Bristol2Beijing wristbands, you’d have to know about Luke Grenfell-Shaw and his incredible journey.


The Expedition

Bristol2Beijing is an expedition across Europe and Asia, all the way to Beijing. 23,000km to be exact. All in the aim to bring positivity to those who ride along. CanLivers, friends, family and strangers will be joining the back of Luke’s tandem to experience a journey of a lifetime.

The goal was to set off on January 1st 2020 and complete the cycle by Christmas 2020. However, the expedition is currently at a standstill due to COVID19. Despite this, there is no doubt that the trip will be back on once Europe opens its borders again.


The Result

While Luke is grounded by COVID19, he is still keen to get people to live life to the full, to ‘CanLive’. He’s using this opportunity to do new things and is setting up a facebook page to invite everyone to share their ideas, so look him up.


Above – Extract from The Sunday Times. Pic courtesy of Mark Grenfell-Shaw.


It’s amazing how one deals with life’s battles. Individuals like Luke Grenfell-Shaw remind us that there is more to life than the negative stuff. If we have the strength, the motivation and determination to face our challenges, we can experience something new and exciting in the midst of struggle.

Now, more than ever, people are worried about the future.

  • Loss of jobs
  • Lack of school education and childcare.
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom

These are situations which will lift eventually. What we need to take away from this is the power of the human spirit and how life can be lived even in the worst of times.


We wish Mark, Luke and the whole of the Grenfell-Shaw family the very best on their next adventure and look forward to hearing the outcome of Luke’s travels.

More information on the Bristol2Beijing charity can be found here.


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