Breast Cancer Month – Let’s Go Pink!

Sometimes it’s hard to admit when we’re ill. There’s so much pressure in modern society to keep going; perseverance is the key to life and all that. But sometimes admitting you’re under the weather and actually taking the time to rest is exactly what you and everyone around you actually needs and wants.

We constantly put our common colds, headaches, stress down to being just that: common and socially acceptable to work with. But what if they weren’t?


Being ill isn’t an option for most people; especially in the working world. Don’t get me wrong, we’re moving in the right direction– in 2016 a company in Bristol introduced a ‘period policy’ because they realised women’s work productivity was being affected by their pain; their concentration wavered and their reactions were slower and less accurate. In response, the policy gave women more flexibility to work from home, or take a day leave without a sick note and make it up another day. It gave women the opportunity to speak up about their suffering without judgement.


There are still those who will judge the above and think it ridiculous because every woman suffers from period pains and for however many past years, they’ve dealt with it. ‘It’ becomes the norm. But did you know that more than 52% of women suffer intense pain and don’t tell their boss about it? That should be the ridiculous bit.


We’re doing a lot more socially and nationally to promote women’s health with campaigns to raise awareness, leaflets in doctors’ surgeries and television programs with scientific knowledge of how cancer cells develop and what we can do to slow them down or prevent them from developing. But there’s still more to be done in the form of campaigns and fundraisers.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up (October) and since we’re planning ahead for silicone and fabric orders, now is the time to start thinking about sprucing up our knowledge of Cancer Representative Colours and coming up with helpful tips on how to design and order Cancer Awareness Wristbands. Starting below:


Marketing Your Campaign

Getting out there and making your voice heard is the first and most terrifying part of raising awareness for health causes. Like those 52% of women who find it difficult to talk about one of the most natural things in the world, sharing health struggles, your own, a family member’s or a friend’s can be daunting. By banding together and rallying around people, we’re bringing those ‘embarrassing’ issues to light in a way that hopefully gets the younger generation talking and less likely to suffer in silence. Take Moonlight / Midnight Cancer Research Walks – one woman wouldn’t walk down the street in her bra (not usually or sober) but gather a group of women and it’s a fun way to raise awareness.


Choosing the Right Look

Pink. Stereotypical (and a bit sexist since men can get breast cancer as well), but I’ll go with it. Breast Cancer Awareness wristbands have a few pantone colour choices. Research suggests 232C is particularly used for Breast Cancer Awareness, but it can also be used for Abdominal Cancer. Other pantone colours include a similar shade of 205C or lighter pink shades of 210C or 212C, though these are more baby pink colours than the bright shades of 205C and 232C.


Sending the Right Message

Often silicone Breast Cancer Wristbands are pink with white text. This is due to white being clear and bright against the band colour to read from a small distance. In saying that, Awareness Wristbands are designed by you, for you. While generality is great for a wider audience, personal messages can be in whatever colour suits you.


Receiving the Right Time

Custom silicone bands have a production time of 2-3 weeks from payment and artwork approval. While we strive to send out your order within the second week, sometimes artwork changes, band wastages and printing difficulties do arise, which can delay delivery. All of which is why it is important to order your wristbands within plenty of time.


Getting Our Voices Heard

Partaking in Raise Awareness Events not only helps those in need, but it helps future generations to come.  Our sales team are always on hand to update your progress, talk designs, colours and fonts with you throughout your order, from initial enquiry right through to the delivery of your order. It’s in helping others that we achieve more.